All you wanted to know about Tubular Inverter batteries

Batteries are the central component of an inverter and thus the most critical part. You may pick a cheaper external casing or the stand on which the inverter is to be placed but there shouldn’t be any   compromise   with the quality and efficiency of a battery. It is imperative for you to do your homework. Nourish your knowledge about the different types of batteries.

Heard about Tubular batteries? On putting them head to head comparison with normal batteries, Tubular batteries have openings on either end so that distilled water can be put for maintenance purposes. On the contrary, normal batteries have sealed ends that restrict the options for increasing their efficiency.  Ultimately, Tubular batteries come with a plethora of advantages.


The many benefits

Firstly, Tubular battery has the capacity to charge at a faster rate. Although the feature is of significant importance in areas where high productivity is aimed, home users too can enjoy the facility.


Secondly, these batteries are not prone to frequent water loss; a major drawback in conventional battery designs. Although openings have been provided to directly feed them with water if required, their demand is rare. This makes them more efficient in different electrical settings and environment.


Thirdly, Tubular batteries are made up of high pressure HADI casting method that ensures longer life under heavy pressure and other extreme conditions. Thus, longer standby life makes them a preferred choice amongst all others. The longer life attested here is between 5 and 15 years.



While these batteries were originally introduced for big areas such as industrial units, telecommunications signal towers, Security systems, fire alarm systems etc; customised batteries for home use have been introduced by many brands. Their rugged designs have made them suitable for high end applications such as lifting trucks or other jobs of heavy loads. For home use, a relatively smaller battery is designed that can sufficiently hold the power load for the most commonly used equipments.


Areas of operation

Tubular Batteries are hugely successful in areas of extreme temperature conditions. The rough weather conditions have been found to put extra burden on the normal batteries, making them inefficient and slow. Tubular designs are more potent in operating in such temperature ranges.

For home use, Tubular battery is best suited for you if:


You live in areas of frequent power cuts

The area is isolated such as a farm house

You need low foot print Aesthetic designs


Tubular battery designs have gained significant popularity in the Indian subcontinent. While the mass consumption here has increased, World’s best manufacturers have plunged in at the lucrative business opportunity. Anchoring amongst them is Su-Kam inverters. They offer a promising performance at 1200 cycles at 80% DOD. The thick spines ensure superb discharge activity.


The special casting treatment at a pressure of 100 bar makes them defensive against corrosion, no matter how much extreme is the situation. Also, an indicator is attached to provide information about electrolyte levels in the battery.


Some other brand are Luminous Inverters, Exide batteries, Amaron and Microtek.


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