Jewelry Earrings – A Bonus to Your Beauty

Jewelry is a small ornamental item, which is worn for personal decoration. Likewise, earring is a piece of jewelry that is worn in the ear by piercing the ear. Jewelry earrings are the addition of beauty to other ornaments worn.


Earrings are the fun jewelry. It can be a pleasure for yourself or you can gift it to someone else as a delightful present. It is a matter to be noticed when worn. You just can’t resist talking about it when you see them in other’s ear.


Earrings can be made by any materials such as metal, plastic, glass, stones, bones and woods. According to the jewelers and culture, the designs of jewelry earrings may vary. Most commonly people use diamond, gold, silver and precious stone for jewelry.


Different designs of earrings made by different materials can be found in market. The design varies from small twists and studs to a big plates and hanging matters. The size of the earrings also varies with sizes; small or big. The size is limited with the physical ability of the earlobe to hold the earrings without any trouble to the person who wear them.

The earrings can be found of different types according to its design:


  1. 1.      Stud earrings


This type of earrings has a floating appearance on the ear with invisible points of connection from the front. The studs are connected at the end of the earring’s post. This helps the earrings to be connected tight in the ear.


  1. 2.      Hoop earrings


This type of earrings is either semi-circular of circular. The earrings look like a ring. They are metal tubed and have a thin attachment of wire piercing the ear. The whole earring is held by force between the wire and the metal tube together.


  1. 3.      Dangle earrings


This kind of earrings has a flow at the bottoms which brushes the shoulder. The attachment is made by thin wires connected by a hook at the back.


  1. 4.      Huggy earrings

Just like the name, this type of earrings is settled in such a way that the earrings really hug the earlobe. This kind of earrings is popular style of earrings. They come in various size and shapes with different carved art. Mostly stones are used to make huggy earrings.


  1. 5.      Ear thread


This type of earrings is also called earth reader, threader and ear string. The earrings made thin and able to enter the earlobe. Sometimes are beads are also added to make the earrings more attractive.


  1. 6.      Ear spikes


This type of earrings is made by plastic stick of 1mm diameter and 15mm length. The stick is made in such a way that it is able enough to goes into ear hole. The earrings stick is just bigger than the pierced hole that the earrings do not fall.

Jewelry earrings are worn by both males and females. Actually it’s more common among women. They have been a part of their jewelry from the beginning of time. Previously, almost everyone used to wear earrings. Later on they have been a part of ornament of women. By different evolution in different era, earrings have been used. 


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