Pizza Making: Finding The Best Mix of Health and Taste

If you are a pizza lover, you have been eating it once in a day. It is no doubt the tastiest dish but have you paid attention to the nutrition? How many calories are there in one slice and, how much nutrition a small size sphere contains—find out these facts in the following article before you order pizza online New Malden. The nutrition in one sphere varies on the basis of the cooking technique, size of a single slice, the form of toppings used and the thickness of the crust. Therefore, calculate the calories a single serving will provide before you order pizza pasta in New Malden.

The standard small size of 8 Inch pizza, which is rich in cheese contain 168 calories approximately but this figure is the idea to find since the pizza chains have adopted to make a thick dough, and large sized pizza.

A usual small size pizza from a known chain contains about 250 calories; the reasons behind the difference in the calories are cooking technique and saturated fat intake in a single serving. So how can we cut the number of calories provided by this one item?

  • Thin crust, not thick crust:

Order a thin crust pizza because it offers less sugar intake. The thick dough will be rich in sugar, giving more calories per bite. Ask the chef to use a whole wheat crust, refined flour offers fewer fibrous components whereas the whole wheat flour is extremely fibrous in nature which makes it easy to digest. Whole wheat absorbs cholesterol from the body acting like a sponge and excretes it outside the body through dung.

  • Avoid butter-based dip-sauces:

Butter-based sauces are higher in calories; butter contains nothing mainly but inundated fats, avoid seasoned butter sauces to get rid of the unwanted intake of energy. There are other water-based sauces which provide fewer calories in the count are testier and make the food easy to digest like, coriander, tomatoes and cumin sauce.

White pizza includes pesto or olive oil as the main cooking medium, if you replace the cooking medium with extra virgin olive oil or virgin canola oil, one bite will offer fewer calories and you can eat more.

  • Order a no cheese pizza:

• Order a no cheese pizza. It’s hard, and we know it, but if you want to cut down the calories count, ask the chef to bring you cheese-free pizza. You can have grated parmesan to dust a bite instead.

• Ask the chef to use half cheese instead of full cheese; you can have one slice minus 50 calories approximately.

• Skimmed cheese is another option to reduce calories.

• Feta cheese provides fewer calories as an option.

  • Reduce the amount of meat as toppings:

The meatier your topping is, the heavier your pizza becomes in terms of calorie intake. Reduce the amount of meat based toppings; pepperoni, sausage, bacon, lamb shred all of these toppings add saturated fat in the pizza. Some healthy options as toppings are; Pease, grilled shrimps, asparagus stalks, corn and black beans salsa, lemon based grilled chicken and few other grilled vegetable based toppings.


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