Nose Pins Designs: Styles That Will Mesmerize You!

Nose pins have been one of the essential jewellery pieces of Indian culture since centuries. It’s a traditional ritual for Indian women to wear elaborate nose pins. It is also important for them to wear nose pin on their wedding day. However, many young girls and women love the idea of wearing it on a regular basis.

Afghan and chic nose pins have been in trend for quite a while now and that has encouraged younger girl to take up the tradition. Traditional nose pins were usually made of gold or silver. But with the passage of time the trends have changed and now the nose pins are structured with german silver and other material as well. These types of nose pins are available as jewellery online. You can find as many as nose pins with different types and designs online.

It’s great when a girl decides to start wearing nose pin, but before getting your hands on them. You should figure out what suits your face.


1. Diamond Stud Nose Pin For All Face Type:

This stud type nose pin looks great on every face type. It has been one of the most beautiful nose pin which is vividly used by the women in India and in other countries as well. You can find this jewellery online at many platforms.

2. Hoop Nose Pins For Long And Sharp Nose:

Women with long and sharp nose can adorn this simple yet classy hoop nose rings. It suits them beautifully and also it enhances the nose so elegantly. It is also available on many online platforms. One of the most famous jewellery pieces from Maharashtra is the nath and this one is inspired from the same.

3. Flower Designs Nose Pins:

Little flower patterned studs complement big nose perfectly. Women who have bigger nose should go for these options. This type of nose pin will enhance the nose. You can find so many options of jewellery online and make them yours according to your nose type.

4. U-Bent Nose Pins:

For those of you who don’t like rings or studs, then u-bent nose pins are perfect for you. They don’t need any piecing and they are comfortable too. These types of nose pins are forever in trend as they are easy and comfortable for anyone to wear. Available easily on many online platforms. This jewellery online can make any look worth a thousand complements.



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