Must Have Eternal Jewellery – A Drop of Dew Shining Like a Diamond

The term jewellery comes from Latin and the French word, Latin word “jocale” meaning plaything and French “joule” meaning jewel. Jewellery describes anything precious metal and gems to adorn yourself. Playing in the hands of a goldsmith, these metals and gems transform into a timeless sculpture which inflates and supplement feminine beauty and sensuality. Jewellery is often a piece of art, but might turns alive when you wear it. It becomes treasurable when blended with emotions. Reasons for wearing can be versatile; it could be to beautify oneself, attract the opposite sex or to use as an omen to ward off evil. Whatever may be the reason it always has been an epitome of feminine beauty and grace. Beauty is always subjected to the beholder, the ornaments that grace forehead, necks, nose, ears, and waist mesmerized the admirer. When a proficient hand mould precious metals and gems to earrings, bracelets, necklaces; the jewellery finds its place on natural curves of a woman’s body. They meld with her to give an exclusive personality. Whether you are staying at home or heading office, a piece of jewellery signifies your accomplishment, confidence, and self-worth. It is a statement of your feminine power and style. Here are the few essentials that you must have in your collection for daily and festive use.


Necklaces are created to enhance your grace and elegance. As a thumb rule, you should wear a necklace according to the size of your neck. Higher the neckline, longer the necklace; shorter the neckline rounder and short type necklace suits you. It goes with any outfit, with your jeans and tees a simple will match, with your evening gown a more intricate will add glare to the dress. Necklaces are the centrepiece of your outfit. Different necklace designs are there to choose from. Bib necklace is trendy nowadays and covers your bib area. These bold necklaces decorate the upper part of your chest and can be made of gold or silver. Adding gems or crystals in a bib necklace make it look flamboyant. Chain necklace is the most common and popular type. They come in single or double stranded and in various length and sizes. A pendant with it gives it more elegance and style. A simple chain necklace adds spice and colour to your daily outfit. There are numerous types like anchor, rope, omega, heart.



Earrings are an essential part of your jewellery collection along with bracelets, rings and necklace. They add a new dimension to your face and make it prettier. Wear a simple diamond stud earring which has been all time favourite. A hoop earring draws attraction for their circular shape and compliments your jaw and cheekbone. A classic version of hoop earrings with diamonds embedded in it is dazzling. Chandelier earrings narrowing at start ballooning at the bottom gives them a complex yet sophisticated design. Cluster earrings are similar to studs featuring a number of stones; the stones can vary in shape, size, and colour.


Rings are a symbol of social status, religion or simply atheistic. They speak a lot about the wearer, their taste, culture, and beliefs. A circle that has no beginning or end is the symbol of eternity, infinity. So does ring symbol this eternity of love which is the strongest emotion on earth. The wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as the artery leads directly to the heart. The solitaire ring has one small or large stone preferably diamond and used as an engagement ring. Trilogy rings have three stones representing past, present, and future. Anniversary rings are to celebrate the peaceful and loving co-existence of two people for 5 or 10 years or more than that. One single solitaire or cluster of diamonds depends upon the couple who celebrate their loving union.


Bracelets are a piece of jewellery meant to be worn on the wrist. When wears in multiples the sweet clinking sound it makes. Thin bracelets with crystals or stones in it are elegant and add flamboyancy to your personality. Beaded bracelets are fine for travellers as they are lightweight and comfortable. Crystal bracelets are the most dazzling type with clear or coloured crystals. With the movement of your hands, these ornaments state your status, taste, and personality.



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Written by Angela Josef


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