Red Carpet Stylist’s Approved Bridal Hair Accessories that The Internet is in Love With

A lot of experiments have been tried and used over the years with bridal hairstyles. From a neat bun look to flowing messy hair, and from loose side braids to buoyant curls, bridal hairstyles have evolved over the years. With myriad hairstyles, comes the introduction of a plethora of bridal hair accessories apart from the bobby pins, rubber bands, bun meshes which changes the entire ballgame of a bride’s hairstyle.


Here are some unique hair accessories for a bride, that shall complete the hairdo of a bride.

Stylist-Expert’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Hair Accessory for The Bride

A wedding dress makes for the most important ensemble for a bride. Choosing the wedding dress months prior to the wedding is always considered to be wise, given the accessory that you need to buy following to that.

The bridal hair accessories must perfectly co-relate with your wedding dress. Your hair accessory must complement the neckline, colour, fabric and also the back design. Take into account every miniature detail of the dress, when you set out to choose your accessory for the hair.

Try on your wedding dress beforehand to build a complete idea of how your hair accessory shall complement the dress and how the headgear must be worn.

What Goes Well? The Silver of Gold?

The headpiece hue must perfectly align with the colour of your wedding dress. It goes without the saying that the gold hair accessories are fetching more popularity with the passing of time and usually complements a gold-hued dress or a champagne coloured dress. Silver, on the other hand, matches well with ivory and white dresses.

Top Bridal Hair Accessories Picks by Some of the Hollywood Stylists

Frida’s Braid

Imagine a hairdo inspired by Frida Kahlo? Well, you can replicate the looks with a simplistic yet divine rose hairband.

Floral Tiaras

Floral made with orchids and baby breaths are perfect and add a ‘wow’ factor to your bride fashion.

Princess Tiara

Princess Tiaras Go along with floral flowing gowns or even pastel gowns and are the definite choice to transform you into a princess.

Floral Clutch

Few baby breaths and a handful of flowers are all that you need to drop some jaws on the aisle. A mesmerizing floral clutch goes really well with those beachy waves look hairstyle.

Chains and Bells

The golden waterfall chains with bells and rice pearls can transform a simple hairstyle into a stunning masterpiece.

Bridal hair accessories are an integral part of weddings, and lends a finishing touch to your wedding dress, besides magnetizing attention to your beautiful face. Choose from a wide range of bridal accessories available at and create a style statement on your wedding almost like a pro.



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