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Our company is leading brand for supplying bespoke wear

Our company is the leading brand for supplying bespoke wear. Our company is a pioneer in everything that it does and demonstrates strong global growth. The strength of our organization actually lies in being straight to the point but at the same time still being personal. We are fast, efficient, and combine high-end craftsmanship with a flair of creativity. Our team takes precise fit too seriously and helps you in achieving a truly unique look, every time. Since most of the people have busy lifestyles and are required to have a comprehensive closet for almost any occasion, our company ensures that you leave a long-lasting impression wherever you actually go. From board room meeting, outdoor patio to casual Saturday night dinner, we have a curated widest range of custom wear for you. Whatever your individual style or design preferences are, our team is extremely certain that there is always a look that is most appropriate for you.

Get ready to own your bespoke tailored suit online

 We have made it possible for you to own bespoke tailored garments from the ultimate comfort of your place. Every custom dress is meticulously handcrafted and exclusively made keeping in mind just one person- you. Our company always come up with trendy and new fabrics each and every season. There is an extensive range of premium class fabrics for every season. This is being done to enable you follow fashionable trends in extremely comfortable manner. Our intuitive and user-friendly online platform lets you to build up measurement profile within minute’s time. It gives you an opportunity to select your favorite fabrics, designs and styles that completely suit your personalized taste.

Our experts are completely focussed on quality & precision

Our most premium bespoke offerings feature world-class fabrics and luxurious details with infinite possibilities. Our company makes custom clothing accessible, affordable, and extremely fun for customers. Our experts are completely focussed on quality, precision and provide you an extremely innovative way to personalize your dress. We let you enter into extraordinary world of custom clothing where all creations are only inspired by you and developed by our master craftsmen. Our quality custom suits not only fits you precisely but also provides you complete control over the designing process.

Our bespoke tailoring experience is unique 

The bespoke tailoring experience is unique and class apart from traditional process. It serves as an extremely innovative approach to achieve exactly what you are looking for. Whether you have to attend special occasions, looking to make a mark on someone, or just looking to hang out with your friends, we have dresses covered for almost all events.

Our stylists extent personalized advice and guidance

Our style guides assist you in deciding upon the look that goes very well with your personality and unique lifestyle. Each of our stylists and guides has experience in their own specialized areas. They are always eager to extend personalized advice and consultation. At our production facility, made to measure suits are constructed by using finest and luxurious fabrics and other raw material. The products are developed by some of the most talented and expert master tailors. The bespoke dress with the most exquisite details and premium fabrics was once considered to be reserved for wealthy connoisseurs. However our bespoke tailoring process has already made it accessible for masses.


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Itailor is the best custom design company in USA. Simply provide the tailors measurements and let us create custom suits, shirts, shoes and every other item of menswear. Enquire and design online and save on


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