Best quality mixer grinder in India.

When we think about buying a mixer grinder there are number of factors to choose the best quality mixer grinder.

Components: There are several jars and different blades for wet and dry grinding, juicing and kneading and the main motor unit.

Wattage: defines the power of the motor. Higher the wattage of the motor it has, the more powerful it grinds the heavier ingredients. For Indian kitchens, 500 to 750 watt device is fine.

Rotations per minute: Higher the rotation/revolution per minute of the blades more amount of stuff it grinds in lesser time.

Rating per minute: defines how long you can use the mixer grinder. The continuous operation time normally is 30 minutes.

Safety and overload protection: And to check and prevent overflow of electric current.

Recently, our P.M. of India announced to be vocal for local. With a view to that some Indian brands only and Amazon's choice  products have been handpicked for the best quality mixer grinder in India.


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