A Chance to Take Good Care of Your Health

Fat is good. Not to be confused with being fat  Red Yeast Rice Plus Review I am talking about the meta-nutrient. Fat is REQUIRED by the body to break down minerals, vitamins, and expedite the delivery of other important things like amino acids. If your body doesn't have fat, it doesn't function, period. Have you heard the buzz around Omega-3 Fish Oil? Well, that's fat. A fat that makes your heart healthier and prevents bone decay. Wait, what?

Knowledge is power. Do not take everything I say to heart without properly researching it first. When it comes to nutrition, knowledge and a cynical eye are your best friends. As omnivores, we evolved to inspect our food and surroundings. Look up popular eating habits.

 Try to pronounce the last three ingredients in a can of soda. Ask a farmer if he uses pesticides or herbicides. Ask the grocery store manager where the food comes from (hint: if he doesn't know, that's bad). One question I always like to ask myself is, “Can I see this in the wild?” If the answer is no, then I ask, “Could I make it in the wild?” If I can't answer either of these questions, I do not eat it. Our bodies are still stuck in the stone age, and until we can transform Calcium Disodium EDTA or Phenylalanine into something useful, we should eat stuff from the stone age. After all, when have you ever seen a fat caveman? Nutrition is more about a lifestyle than a fad. That is why I did not say the word “diet” in here at all. Eat healthy, live healthy. No fads about it.


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