Alternative Health – Is a Very Low Fat Eating Plan OK When You Have Type 2 Diabetes?

You know sweets cause diabetes, and you strive to  Glucoflow Supplement   eliminate the diabetes complications by keeping off sweets. Do you know that sometimes life with sweet diabetes is great. Although diabetes is an awful disease which threatens the present generation, there is a deviation of thoughts attracting every one's attention.

It presumes that diabetes is not at all a serious disease to be frightened in any way. If you think well, it is not indeed a disease but a maladjusted functioning of the organs. Specifically it is either due to the inefficiency of the pancreas to generate insulin, or due to the inability to convert the glucose into energy by penetrating the blood cells.  

You might have come across to hear that you shouldn't eat sweet fruits like chickoo, strawberries and mangoes if you are a sweet diabetic, or a sweet potato diabetic. The main theme of this session is to clarify this question if one should avoid diabetes sweets at all.  It is just a myth that if you have diabetes you shouldn't eat such sweet foods which are ‘too sweet'.

No doubt, some fruits do contain more sugar than others, but it is not correct to claim that you should avoid them if you have diabetes. The variation of blood glucose levels is associated with the total intake of carbohydrates than with the choice of source of carbohydrates.


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