Get Motivation to Lose Weight – The Top Secrets

This may take about a week of testing to see  Flat Belly Tea Review where your caloric intake level is. One suggestion is to weigh yourself each morning at the same time before eating anything. If you are losing weight, you can take in more calories each day. If you are gaining weight you'll need to cut back on the amount of calories consumed until you are no longer gaining or losing weight but simply maintaining it.

This will require that you get familiar with the amount of calories that are in the foods you love to eat. If you tend to eat out and on the go, most fast food restaurants have nutrition charts available upon request that will show you how many calories are in each of their products. If they don't have them on hand, a quick search on Google should pull up the calorie menu for most chain restaurants. You can also do the same type of search for average calories found within the food you eat at home.

Once you've established your maximum calorie intake, you'll want to reduce the amount of calories you're eating by 500 calories each day. Keep in mind, you are still being able to eat what you want, it will simply mean controlling the portion size of your food. That is the one and only measure of self control you'll ever need.

Do you love cheeseburgers. You may find that the best route to take is to cut the burger in two. Eat one half for lunch and the other half for dinner. Or save it for the next day Do you love lasagna. Then eat a half serving instead of a whole serving for half the calories.

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