Natural Diabetes Cure – Find Out How To Naturally Control Diabetes Without Drugs!

Enroll in a patient assistance program. If you lack insurance and your income is less AltaiBalance Review  than 2-3 times the federal poverty level, you may qualify for free medication under a pharmaceutical company's patient assistance program. Instead of saving $10 or $20 on monthly medication, you may save as much as thousands of dollars a year. Many of the expensive diabetic medications are available at great savings through the Together Rx Access program at the web site of the same name.

Ask your doctor for samples. If you don't qualify for a patient assistance program but do require one of the newer diabetic medications, ask your doctor for samples. Though your doctor may not be able to give you an on-going supply, even a week's worth every few months could amount to hundreds of dollars a year. If your doctor doesn't have samples, he can request them through the drug company. Your doctor may also have coupons that are a better deal than what you can find online.

Ask your doctor for generic medication. Just because your doctor has prescribed you a brand-name medication doesn't mean that's the final answer. Your physician may be unaware of your finances or insurance situation. He may not even know the cost of the medication prescribed. Print a copy of a $4 list from your local chain store pharmacy and take it with you to your doctor, who may then be able to find an affordable option for you.


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