Sylvester Stallone is working on a director's cut of 'Rocky IV'

According to Star's Instagram page, Sylvester Stallone is working on Director's Cut for Rocky IV, the sequel to the sports film.The 1985 movie is one of the franchise's most beloved entries, where the Soviet Bruiser Ivandrago (Dolfran Glen) and the Stallone fighter Rocky fight in the aftermath of Draco, and Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers).  Slotxo true wallet   Brought to death in the ring.It has since earned over $300 million ($240 million) in global box office and remains the franchise's most economically successful film.Read more: Stallone announces sequel to Demolition ManStallone announced a new revelation in reply to fans asking if Rocky Balboa's Director's Cut will be offered.“I don't do that, but I do Directors Cut for Rocky IV.  


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