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Mobdro for Android

Many users want to use Mobdro for Android to watch their favorite TV shows instead of using TV. Currently, Android devices have had a strong development. With a small mobile phone in hand, users can update the latest and most interesting news, videos, programs. And Mobdro has it all.

What is Mobdro para Android?

Mobdro For Android is a preferred application for Smart TV

Mobdro For Android is a preferred application for Smart TV

Mobdro is a free application for videos and live programs on Android devices. Mobdro always searches and updates the most interesting and latest videos on the Internet for Mobdro users in just one application. Millions of downloads in the US and Portugal market have shown how popular the application is.

The main advantages of the application:

Watch live TV programs

With the installation of Mobdro for Android, you can watch programs, videos directly on your phone. In addition, Mobdro users are also supported by Chromecast – a feature that allows you to transmit data to another device.

With Mobdro Apk, you will never have to miss your favorite shows

Mobdro Android certainly satisfies meticulous customers with thousands of videos, movies, news and entertainment programs every day. You can try your favorite national and foreign programs with just a mobile phone.

Programs in the Mobdro application

Modbro categorizes videos, programs according to each topic and it's easy to search

+ TV shows: There are hundreds of the most famous (live) channels from many countries in the world in the categories of TV shows such as ABC channel, CN, Fox USA, Discovery chanel, ..

+ News channels: There are many news channels from large companies with news updated every hour.

+ Movie channels: At the moment, Mobdro has added thousands of new and famous films. You can watch movies with high quality.

+ Sports channels: Mobdro has a particular category for users who love sports with sports news. You can follow the broadcast schedule of the famous programs. In addition, Mobdro also supports regular updating of major national and international tournaments.

+ Music channels: These are for music lovers and fans of artists known worldwide, who should not be strange names like MTV, 4 Music, VH1.

+ With many other entertainment channels: streaming games, channels from the animal world, TV shows, technology,…

The prominent features of Mobdro for Android

In addition to the above users, Mobdro for Android also has many preferences and other prominent features. The attractions of this application are as follows:

Completely free to use

– Free: Being different from Netflix, showbox and Amazon Prime Video, Mobdro allows free download. Users can watch 100% Mobdro video channels with the best quality without paying anything.

Providing the streaming feature

Mobdro For Android also provides the streaming feature, helping users to stream their favorite shows, fashion, music and sport events live. When you use Mobdro Android, you also have easy access with the featured streaming channels, for example to game videos or animal world videos.

Mobdro Download also provides a perfect streaming feature

You can also search for video streams using the feature available in the application. Thanks to this feature, you don't spend a lot of time searching for your favorite programs.

Bookmarking favorite shows to watch again

Mobdro For Android allows users to bookmark TV shows, favorite movies to watch again or continue watching. With this feature, you can watch TV shows, movies without worrying about being interrupted.

Update to remove ads

Despite displaying ads, users of Mobdro Android said the ads were not annoying. However, if you want to remove ads, it is absolutely possible to choose the premium version at minimal cost.


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