The Worst Ingredients in Processed Food

According to medical studies, the absence of any of these molecules could inhibit OxyFuelReview  important bodily functions such as recuperation, protection against infections and diseases, and other immune system reactions. But because these nutrients are not always present in our daily diets, nearly all people are at risk of deficiency – a problem that can possibly end up to a host of serious consequences. As of the moment, only two of these essential sugars are available in our diets – glucose (or table sugar) and galactose (a type of sugar that is found in human breast milk). The rest are either found in negligible quantities or are virtually absent.

The reasons for this deficiency in supply range from the inhibited development of nutrients in the green harvest due to forced ripening to too much use of preservatives, depletion of nutrients in the soil, increased environmental toxins, and processing of foods.The problem is, there is no way that other nutrients, even if they combine, can compensate the effects these monosaccharides have on the body. There is, therefore, a need to supplement the body with these nutrients through nutritional supplements and natural sources.

Glyconutrients are not diet options, however. They are required supplements that must be taken on a daily basis. This is because all the cells in the body have different life spans, one cell may last for only a few days while others can live for years. As new cells replace the dead ones, each of these new cells requires glyconutrients not only to form bonds with other cells but also to sustain the functions that the cells they succeeded performed.Glyconutrients are a class of their own. They are not vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, or minerals. They are the miracle sugars that can do what no other natural substance can do – promote and sustain health from the cellular level by nourishing individual cells to operate more efficiently.


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