Tinnitus – Learn The Tinnitus Common Tests

The audiologist recommended a series of SharpEarReview  therapies and some medications to help reduce the ringing. Physicians probed for any other health problems and provided medications for Jay's complications. And true enough, Jay's head tinnitus is significantly reduced and can now achieve a good night's rest.

Here's how you can too: Organize- creating a clutter-free environment and a clutter-free mindset can help one cope with tinnitus. Studies have shown a significant reduction in the noises in our head when we create a stress free environment and an organized set-up. An addition of soft and calming music as background greatly reduces the stress and successfully masks the tinnitus.  

Document- Pin-pointing the different triggers for head tinnitus is a bit difficult, thus, it is important to record the factors that aggravate the noise. List down the food triggers like caffeine, alcohol or extremely cold beverages; or situations like extremely noisy environment or a smoke-filled room; or particular sounds or noises that you hear every day that seem to trigger a heightened tinnitus.


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