Understanding Tinnitus And Its Types

There are methods by which you can stop these Sharpear  noises and you do not have to put up with them. To be able to do this you need to know what causes it. So you can effectively treat it. The main cause of tinnitus is damage to the sensitive nerves in your inner ear. These convert sound into signals that go to your brain. When these nerves are damaged they keep sending false signals to your brain telling it you are hearing sounds that are not there. This is usually caused by exposure to loud noise. What happens is the noise damages these sound receptors.

Machinery, drilling equipment, loud music and mp3 players are all ways you can damage your hearing and trigger ringing ears. The damage is done long before the tinnitus begins and it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what caused it.

The other trigger for ringing in the ears is medicines and infection. If the cause of your tinnitus falls into these categories they can be cured by a change in medicine or with antibiotics. This type of tinnitus is usually typified by a sudden loss of balance. For example being unable to walk up and down a staircase without falling over.

The mistake I made was to try and live with noises in my ears. I thought it would just be an occasional noise. Unfortunately it became progressively worse until it was bothering me every day. The noise also became louder and more pronounced until It was nearly constant. It was driving me nuts and making me depressed.


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Written by Lyla


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