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Amazon Alexa is available in different variants. For example, Amazon Echo the first generation, Amazon Echo 2nd generation, Eco show, Eco Spot, Echo look and many more. Amazon could launch Alexa’s new variants in the coming days. If you want to search anything through your Alexa device, You can do it just activating your Download Alexa app  by using the word “WAKE”.

When you will say the word “ wake” this device will automatically activate After that, You can give it instructions for whatever you want to search on the web or internet. Alexa listens to your questions or whatever you want to search on the web. After searching that on the web it gives you the best possible answers. Main features and benefits to Download Alexa App or Alexa are that it can save you a lot of time. You don’t have to waste your time typing what you want to search on the internet.

If you want to book an uber ride you can do it by giving it an instruction for booking an Uber ride. You can also order a pizza through Alexa by giving it a command. You can also do many more things using Amazon Alexa device such as setting up your alarms. Alexa can help you in preparing a shopping list and to do lists. It also provides you the information about the traffic situation in your local area on that specific time.

You can enable or link the Alexa skills to Alexa by saying Alexa, enable [ Name of the skill]. Users can also link many of the skills by giving voice instructions to their Alexa. Many skills can also be added into your Alexa device through Alexa app or from Amazon’s official website. For adding a skill into your Alexa device you have to type the name of the skill into the Alexa app on your smartphone and click on the enable option. 

You can do so by going to the main menu in the top of the left-hand corner in the Alexa app. Now, You have to select or choose the skills option there. It will automatically open a window, where users can search the skills they want to add to their Alexa device


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Written by Agam bhatnagar

We can use Alexa app in Amazon Alexa device. Which is a virtual personal assistant having voice recognition software. Alexa runs on the Wolfram algorithm.
A user can train their Alexa devices for listening to his instructions and respond accordingly. Simply, Answer the questions asked.
All the Alexa devices generally activate on the default activation word “WAKE”. When Alexa listen to the word “WAKE” it gets activated. You can call Alexa as an example of artificial intelligence.
All Alexa related skills help us in performing various tasks in our day to day life. For example, Setting up an alarm, Giving the weather and forecasting reports, Live Scores.
Preparing to-do list or shopping lists, Streaming music from phones, tablets etc. via Bluetooth. Alexa can also stream music from various music streaming services available online.
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