5 Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2020

It’s the time when you receive numerous year-end advises and quotes. A new year is all set to be welcomed warmly and people around the world probably have planned their itineraries for the remaining winter feasts after Christmas. However, if you belong to the marketers’ community or you're a business owner, it might be the best time to get ready with a new social media marketing strategy in london.

Marketers like to constantly stock their minds with marketing knowledge and emerging trends. As today’s technology has the tendency to get advance as per the priorities and market conditions, knowing the most promising strategies for marketing through social media in the upcoming year is surely worth the read.

1 – Create a plan and follow it strictly

Executing with intent makes sense and it is one the first rules for creating any marketing strategy. Without a target market on the map and without defining the number of posts to publish every day, your content may omit some of the potential readers or viewers. Better to set a number for posts to be published each week/month and best to schedule them at the most rising time to gain a return.

2 – Try diverse formats of content

To put it simply, you should include a diverse range of content types. Every social media network offers multiple posting formats depending on the nature of the network. You may have been published a number of photos on Instagram and may have tried to keep your Tweets as shorter, relevant, and witty as possible but you can also try various other content types including blog posts, videos, and infographics.

3 – Build community of loyal followers

It may sound like revered saints who have thousands of disciples, but you don’t have to assume it that way, neither need to preach for “marketing through social media in london”. It’s about being social or at least to pretend social to connect with the audience on social media. If you want followers you can run paid campaigns for that but if you want results out of those followers, embrace a strategy of being real, educator, and storyteller and drop the strategy to remain a bot that autonomously publishes content and doesn’t understand the patrons. A social media marketing agency can also guide you further on how to stay in connection with your target audience and make them customers.

4 – Influencer Marketing

Have you watched a funny YouTuber’s video that also promoted an app or product in between the video? Or have you noticed your favorite celebrity posting some other brand’s promotional stuff on his Instagram stories? You might already have got my point, and said are some prime examples of modern influential marketing. In 2020, influencers are going to rule the social media and it would be an excellent idea to partner with some of the popular social media influencers. A social media marketing agency in london can also work as an influencer for your company.

5 – Live streaming

Live streaming is no more remain an obscured and lastly option like it used to be in the past years. Live video streaming is preferred by 80% of audiences in place of blogs and social posts from a brand. You should incorporate video streaming in your social media marketing strategy for 2020. This helps businesses, marketers, and individuals to capture more attention, allow real-time delivery, and improve credibility.


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