Social Media Advertising Tips for Businesses in London

Social media is becoming more and more important as well necessary part of the digital marketing strategy of small and large-sized businesses. However, the brimming competition over Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and the tendency of these major social media platforms to implement more stiff algorithms have made it tougher for marketers to get their content noticed by a large audience.

But, despite the growing competition, marketing through social media in london is not going to be trivialized in the coming years or maybe even later. As a reputed Social Media Advertising Agency, we have worked with various clients in London belonging to different industries. We have shared some valuable tips in this post that may help you strengthen your strategy and get more out of your social media endeavors.

Business objectives that you want to achieve with social media

You need to understand the business objectives of each social media campaign. Reviewing business goals and then tuning the campaign accordingly helps in acquiring the ambitions while saving you time and money. It helps in selecting the right network for advertising and also facilitates the strategy-building process.

Targeted Audience

Before running ads on Facebook or Twitter, it’s better to do some audience and competition analysis. There may be tens of companies that are offering the same products or services like yours. But, there may be a high demand for the same also. It’s better to evaluate the type of audience you want to target and know what others have already done. You get some rich targeting options with Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn Ads. If you really want to get most of your marketing bucks, the ideal is to target the right audience.

Learn from organic results

You may already have a Facebook Page and Twitter Account on which you share content. While that content resonates with some people who follows and likes, comments, or shares that content, there may be many of your followers who don’t bother what you’re posting. You can learn from organic engagement and measure what type of content getting more retweets, comments, and likes. If you’re going to do marketing through social media for the first time, start with small and keep the content engaging and relevant by learning from organic results.

Mobile-friendly Ads

The internet and social media access through smartphones and mobile devices is increasing rapidly. As of July 2019, there were an estimated 3.46 billion active mobile social media users worldwide and expected to grow continuously as there are no signs of a decrease in mobile popularity. To keep the social media ads mobile-friendly, you need to focus on a few things:

  • Use less text and add more creativity in images for your ad-copy
  • Make your website responsive and mobile-friendly so that when someone visits it on mobile through your social media ads, it open and work properly
  • Your video ads must be short and mobile-friendly. You would need to adjust video resolution, frame, format, and size.

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