The Process of Choosing the Right Social Media Platform When Marketing

Whether you’re a small business, a start-up or a medium-sized enterprise, it would be impossible to find the time to manage accounts on every social media platform available. If you’re considering doing social media marketing in Cape Town, it’s important that you narrow your choices down and select only a few platforms. That way, not only will you be able to focus your efforts more efficiently, but you will also utilise the best suited platforms for your social media marketing strategy. Alternatively, you can utilise the services of a social media marketing agency in Cape Town.

So, whether you’re an in-house team or agency, how do you ensure you choose the best social media platform? What are the steps involved?

Step 1: Who is your target audience?

Your first step in determining which social media platform will best suit your marketing strategy is to identify who your audience is. It is important that you are as specific as possible in this step, as it will be the deciding factor later down the line. There are a few questions you can ask if you’re unsure on who your target audience is. Ask yourself who your typical customer is, what is their age, are they male or female, what is their level of income and education, and what else interests them besides your product or service offering?

There are several different questions you could ask in order to determine who your audience is, as long as said questions are relevant to your business or the industry your company operates in.

Step 2: What are your goals?

After determining your audience, you need to define your goals. Yes, your main goal will be to drive sales. However, there are several other goals to consider, such as, what will your creative direction be for your social media marketing strategy? Will you use the platform as a means to promote brand recognition and customer relationships or will you use it as a means of customer support? These are the different considerations you need to factor in.

When it comes to figuring out your social media marketing strategy, consider how social media marketing would work for your brand. What are your competitors doing? Is it working for them?

Step 3: Where is your audience?

Now that your audience has been profiled and you’ve defined your goals, you need to find your audience. The more specific you were in the first step, the easier this step will be. By looking at your audience’s demographics, which platform are they most likely to be on and use daily? You should also look at how they interact on the different platforms. The social media marketing strategy you put together should factor all of this in. You need to ‘fit in’ with your audience.

There you have it. Now you know where your audience is active and what platforms you should be on in order to interact with them. There are also several social media marketing agencies in Cape Town that can assist you in putting a successful and efficient strategy together.


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