What The Changing State of Google and SEO Means To You

Google wants to offer the best possible results, but indexing almost every web page in the world is not an easy task. Many observers have cited 2015 as the year to end SEO, but SEO isn't dying, it's just changing. Here's an introduction to the changing state of SEO and what it means for you and your internet strategy. This year, until 2015 and beyond.

Technology and consumer behavior are impacting SEO – it's not just about improving search results to filter out lower-quality sites for Google. It's about meeting the changing needs and demands of consumers. Social media is gaining importance as the traditional web forum declines. Additionally, mobile internet usage is starting to outpace desktop usage.

Mobile search is growing rapidly

A mobile-friendly website is almost a necessity for businesses. Since the vast majority of smartphone users browse on the go, they are looking for fast, convenient, and easy-to-use pages that don't take long to load.

In 2013, mobile devices accounted for almost 30% of all Google searches and industry experts expect this trend to continue. A poorly designed mobile site, or the lack of a mobile site, is likely to hamper your position in search rankings. For example, it has been found that 50% of consumers are unlikely to return to a website that does not work well on their smartphones.

Important factors for Google for mobile SEO:

Speed – Keep in mind that speed is also becoming much more important when searching on desktop devices.

Local relevance (half of all local searches are on mobile devices; consider using locally relevant keywords).

Tried and true SEO principles apply to both mobile and desktop devices.

Many business owners continue to ignore mobile devices, which represents a valuable opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

SEO is so much more than your company's website: Google is putting considerable weight on a company's online branding, leading to a new world of “online reputation management.” Your online brand is important across the board, so think about how people interact with you on social media websites, review sites, blogs, and forums. Google likes to see a variety.

Likes, comments, and followers on social media indicate an active and popular brand. Of course Google is not naive. They can decipher genuine and legitimate engagement from real people from automated or canned responses. Most importantly, the industry authorities who contact you and share your content can give a significant boost to your business brand in the eyes of Google.

Google still relies on backlinks to rank websites, however mere mentions of your brand with positive intent can be just as valuable. Consider encouraging business reviews on social media, review sites, and places like Google.

User experience is key – In recent years it has become very clear that Google's intention is to root out low-quality website search results, rather than reward those who provide a truly valuable user experience.

To some extent, Google has said that they would prefer a site that continually improves the user experience to a website that “religiously follows SEO techniques.” Despite the premature statements of some observers in recent years, SEO is not dead. It is just evolving and still cannot be ignored. That said, when adding content to your website, don't put Google before your customers. That's something Google no longer rewards.

Blackhats Should Be Concerned: Blackhat is a term used to describe the less ethical SEO techniques some SEO companies use. Google's search algorithm is getting so refined that many blackhats will have no choice but to follow Google's guidelines. Poor, keyword-filled content or inauthentic backlinks will be penalized to the point of being rooted in the search engine, so you should have a good content strategy!

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