Why “No Traffic Rules” to Politicians/VIPs?

Many times I felt weird about this issue; I feel it should be a serious concern for us.



Why do they block the traffic whenever a VIP or Politician passes through??”


I understand Security is important for them. But is it at the cost of common man convenience & time? Everyone are busy, every ones time is precious in their own way?


Why do they have to barricade the roads? Do they assume people are to be restrained?


My only question is “Why a politician or VIP should be kept away from the traffic?”


Have you ever seen a traffic cop making way for an Ambulance? NO… At least me, has never seen? So what is the priority here? Do you think is this right system?


Dear Cops,

Allow our so called leaders/VIPS etc to experience the traffic and the real world rather speaking nonsense sitting in AC rooms and traveling in AC cars.

They are also the part of Indian society, laws, rules and regulations apply to them and they should be imposed on them.Allow them to follow the traffic rules… 

In fact each and every law that is applicable to the common man.


Dear Citizens,


Let’s not be the mere spectators, just cursing them (in fact like me who is venting anger through a blog). I feel we should protest and raise voice against these situations.

After all, we gave them power, not to destroy us but to take care of us. This in fact is not happening.


This is what I feel at this moment. I welcome your comments/ suggestions. 



What do you think?

Written by Bharathi


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