5 (FivE) Is GreateR ThaN 6 (SiX)

After saying 5 is greater than 6, i need to confirm myself that am mentally sound and am not midget in maths too and so i believe 5 is bigger than 6, yes obviously. i have proof’s and guys please nominate me for greatest invention of this century which you are going to read 😛

There are two oldies, A and B on either side of a road witnessing a bus speeding across them, Man A on one side says that ” bus traveled from my right to left “, on the other side that Man B believes that Man A is wrong and says ” NO, Bus traveled from my left to right “…
As such, sometimes in arguments people argue and make points for their perspective even if both them are correct, so it is clear that a entity in this world is viewed at multiple views, hence in my view 5 is greater than 6.
Let me tell you what is 5 and what is 6 , i mentioned 5 senses of animal as 5 here and 6 senses of humans as 6 here, after making this point most of you would have yelled me and accepted it as true, for few good heart which don’t yell at me and don’t accept 5 is greater than 6, i am moving further for them.
My teacher said and perhaps if she is still teaching, she says that humans evolved from monkeys but science says that Human and monkeys has a common ancestor and at many times, we often insult animals by calling a man as ” SWINE ” ” DOG” ” ASS ” etc and to be precise we wont leave their excreta too, we utilize them to insult as ” BULL SHIT” haha, let me point out what makes the 5 to be greater than 6.
            I wont blame technologies such as war equipments and self defense equipments for that, because if animals have had the brain to invent such, they would have definitely done the same, but something that makes animals wise are, i actually saw a article on my book, ” Man feeds on cow milk “, ” did cow feeds it calf a human milk ? “… a strong question that we never asked ourselves,
In history, our ancestors slaughtered billions of animals for their deities and still on practice at very low rate, animals never hurt humans in a intention to hurt, they fear us and protecting themselves, for that case they attack, more over animals are not hunting humans and carrying our kids, displaying them on cages, very importantly ANIMALS never murders their own offspring, they kill for food.
Historical Monuments are often considered as WALK OF THE FAME. people enters their name and their love name in those monuments, they are making history on history and even on public places, public properties such as trains,bus roads etc etc, people will burn these places if they want their leaders to be released,is this a sign for our sixth sense ?? In this case 5 is bigger and better than 6.
Racism, though there are racism in both animals and humans, racism is threat to the humans a lot, if a person is killed or attacked just for melanin pigment, racism has no boundaries, we say black, white and whatever, skin color has nothing to do with a man traits, killing,harassing and hurting for color,
5 is bigger than 6.   
           In animals, neither terrorist cells nor countries which eyes on fuel banks of another country are there, they wont play puppet game on another country, they wont levy taxes for making nuke things,which was pioneered by the tax maker, most of all there are no wars between, tigers and deers, which is better 5 or 6 ?
           Humanity is dying, at some part of time in future it will R.I.P, so called united nations silently spectates the death and starvation of humans, if at all animals had their own UN, For sure they would not let the starving animals to die, genocide in the name of language and skin color exists only in human race.
          Everything mentioned above by me is my perspective view of the world, it has no intention to hurt any of fellow people, i might have used strong words to describe the strong phenomenons, this is what happening with us, just a lame comparison, i will be happy, if it makes a single person to think…
5 is bigger than 6 , THE END !
         Notable differences between them is, Human’s will bury the dead pals and fellow people of their race, animal wont bury, but nowadays time there are so many dead bodies lying here and there on roads, human bombs humans, in this case animals are far far better !



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