PowerfuL PalindromE EndS ThE CarnivaL..

Are you an ardent fan of J.K Rowling ? or at least a passionate reader of Stephenie Meyer ? neither of them ? hm, how you will fell when bunch of relatives you spent a week with leaves altogether on a single night ? Hard rite, i experienced the same feel  as Indian carnival at ramlila maidan ends, usually carnival comes with a giant wheel, but this carnival came because of a giant problem and wheeled the “O” shaped building(parliament) as a busy building, for past week, our ministers sweated a lot even in air conditioned rooms, no gun, no suicide vest or not even a threatening phone call, but just a man in white dress made the biggest democracy of the world to bend and bow to his knees, am no expert on lokpal or on constitution civics, but what i witnessed gave me much more info than what my history teacher taught during civic class.


Power Palindrome, the man i mentioned as powerful palindrome requires no introduction, if at all an introduction is not needed, i had rather stop introducing him to that dumb guy or gal, i still remember a C language program which came for my board exam and that is ” write a program to find whether the given word is palindrome or not “, i used to ask myself why the hell we need to find palindrome, i would regret now as Anna the powerful palindrome ends the great Indian carnival !

A calm face, with an entrapping smile, well decided and chosen words, this is the anna i saw on television weeks before, from the day he begun his fast, it has been a carnival, not alone at ramlila maidan but also on Chennai,Bangalore,Mumbai. Anna begun the fast all alone, but people with I’m Anna caps and T shirts persuaded the public and taught them the sensitiveness of the issue, while the media people enjoys 24×7 work as their channels and twitter world gives running commentary as if world ends this day, omg omg it tested my patience several times, people started to support anna in mass and bunch, few opposed it and huge supported it, to be frank if i was in that 74 year old man’s position i would rather enjoy my final days by watching useless serials and would end up my life in a chair, but he did not and that is why he remains and will remain in the heart of Billion Indians.

He is a true Gandhian, limitless will power made him to survive without food for 12 solid days, he reminds me of swami Vivekananda and his powerful quote, give me 1000 youth’s. but anna got them in more numbers without asking, 100’s and 1000’s of blog defines him in a way best than each, but everyone has the love and shows their regards to the best leader.

It is someday in between his 9th or 10th of his fast, am not sure about the day, he felt that his health fails but his strong will gets strengthened every seconds, he asks the mass gathered there ” protest peacefully, if they try to take me to hospital, protest in a peaceful way, don’t let them take me “
after acting a single film nowadays hero’s are thinking of to indulge in politics and after all few people singing in some TV shows consider themselves as hero’s and starts fan page on face book, if i compare them with this majesty, it could be an insult for him.

As of today’s position, it is not so easy to attract the attention of parliament, though they have works or not, it is not so easy to lure them, but he made the whole parliament to turn back to his direction, in this tech piled era, where postal way of communication is at verge of extinct, he made the most respectable leader and prime minister to draft him a letter.

There are POTA,GOONDAS or blah blah act and laws are there but never they eradicated and served their purpose in 100%, as a law says ” 100% efficiency is impossible “, we cant expect even our LOKPAL to eradicate corruption, but this strong will to fight the government will remain as a best example to prove that 100% efficiency is possible.

While at the verge of ending his fast he says that, “By wearing anna cap or anna t shirt you can’t become a anna, you can be anna only if you follow anna’s principle “, what to say for this ?
this is not the battle between government and rebels, it is a battle to test the citizenship and responsibility, civilization of Indians, cause may be same but way of fighting differs, in 1900’s Gandhi proved it, in 2000’s anna is proving it 🙂 



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