I am Indian, not a “South Indian “

I lived in many states for quite good time and moved around different states and met many people in the process. I get along with people very well irrespective of their culture & language. But when  people discriminate me saying “southie” i feel really bad. FYI, I am very glad to call myself “an Indian” rather someone calling me a “South Indian”.



I feel so weird when someone points me saying many things and refers me as “South Indian” or Golti”. Excuse me!! I would like to object here…


Firstly, know which all states belong to south India, it’s not just madras. Try to know geography. I can understand your confusion but I don’t tolerate your ignorance.


Yes we are brown & dark skinned, so what?? I guess you are aware of world famous south Indian beauties Vyjantimala, Rekha, Hema Malini, Sridevi, Aishwarya Rai and Vidya Balan. Etc. So, don’t generalize and hate everyone.I didn’t decide my color neither you.


Yes we eat lot more of rice items like idly, dosa etc and we are experts in eating with our hands even on leaf, There is nothing to feel ashamed of it, please don’t act as if you are born with spoons and forks.


Don’t think all south Indians cannot speak Hindi, off course we have difference in our slang, communication is important rather being numb. So stop pointing out our Hindi. I hope you understand that,we speak our language in  our state and not Hindi.Tell me do you expect people in USA communicate with you in Hindi?


We have our native language influence on English, so what?? even  people from many other states too have that. FYI we are the one who are communicating with world better than many of you.


Don’t call us narrow minded & conservative, our thoughts depend on your actions.. be good and we will be good to you.


Don’t call all south Indian movies as D grade movies, some of the best life stories were from South India.


Every person has his/her own perception about the people, places, culture and habits. I/we have no rights to say it right or wrong. After all who are we to judge? But I understand everyone has a opinion.



Don’t bring your personal preferences in  here and start discrimination in one aspect or the other. In this century, even country  boundaries are wiped out, why do we just lag behind discriminating each other culture and habits.



P.S: I am not racist at all and i have no discrimination towards anyone, but someone shows off their attitude, i won’t spare them.








What do you think?

Written by Bharathi


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