Guilt is a very small word with lots of meaning inside it. Sometimes this four letter word doesnt let people to live his entire life peacefully. As per me definition of guilt would be “a painful pinch inside your heart continously troubling you with every time your heart beats”.

But with the same it is very relative term as we are human we are the species with have a distinct behavious from each other. There are diffrent catagory or people broadly I will mention three:

1. Who feel guilty but absorb it?
2. Who never feel guilt for their any act?
3. Who feel guilt and spent their entire life with a pain?

Happiest amongst the three catagory is the 2nd catagory people. As a famous sanskrit verse says, “Nirlajjam Sada Sukhi” the one who doesnt feel shame is always happy. The one who doesnot have shame will never have guilt feeling and will continue acting the way they are. I will never consider them to be the human.

People with catagory 1 are the person who feel the pain at initial stages but later they accept the truth and get acalamatise with the situation. These person can be considered to be human as i my view what make us human is that we can feel the pain other suffering without having it.

These people can be considered to be he emotional people who remains with a pain with their entire life. I fall in this catagory as being chartered accountant my job is to maintain accounts so I always have a account balance of all bad deed I do in my entire life. My catagory people can forget pain for sometime but it is very difficult to get rid of it.

As a blogger I will say choose your catagory with care.

As death penalty and strict legal actions are hitting the atmosphere I will still not recommend death penalty to third catagory people as their life itself becomes a hell and death is not the remeady to get away from their sin. But being extremist death penalty is best for other two catagory as human can be given sympathy but not the animals..   Faltu ka gyan… Prabal Thakur.


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