Help the Society by Donating Money to a Charitable Trust

Charitable trusts are committed to certain causes and ensure that they attain their goals. Poverty and suffering exist and it is impossible to totally eliminate it. We can help individuals who are in dire need of financial assistance. But at times it is not possible to donate large sums of money. So, here come the charitable trusts into picture. They collect small amounts of funds from a large number of people. And the cumulative amount collected by them is used to ease off the burdens of the financially-deprived. Through your little donations they find a ray of hope in the darkness that they are engulfed in. Your little works of charity will make a huge difference in their life, with NGOs and non-profit organizations being the mediators.


There are many people who live miserable lives. Some of them belong to the lower caste where they are dictated to occupy a position that is sub-human. They are not allowed opportunities for high-paying jobs; don’t have the income to get education; have faced great trauma and injustices in life, and hence unable to cope and survive. Some have been orphans and so there is no one to protect them from the harsh realities of life and provide them comfort and respite. Some of them have been tricked and trapped into human trafficking and are unable to dislodge from its net. Others have been affected by calamities of monstrous kind, ripping them apart from their families, from their homes, and means of livelihood. While others have been poor their whole lives, unable to fetch even one meal a day. And many others have been attacked by deadly diseases, that are slowly eating away their lives, their finances and hope.

When there is so much misery, pain and suffering in this world, NGOs and non-profit organizations realize how deep their pain is and pledge to bring them out of the quagmire. They collect money from individuals, and allocate the accumulated funds to better the lives of the people in need. Through their efforts many schools have been built, providing invaluable education to the needy, which once was inaccessible. They have provided employment opportunities to people who are unable to earn their daily bread; rescued women and children from human trafficking and prostitution; and have saved the lives of innumerable people who had contemplated on ending their lives. Charitable trusts are the saviours of the world, helping the ones who are helpless. And it all starts with the you joining them.

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Written by Deepa

Currently working for Plan India, Deepa is passionate about the social work, and improvement of society & girls’ conditions. She loves to share her findings and views through her blogs on social justice, advance children’s rights and equality for girls.


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