What is the Role and Responsibility of a DUI Lawyer?

Due to the number of drinking and driving cases occurring in Connecticut, DUI lawyers in New Haven are in demand because of their esteemed level of expertise. It has proven to be hard to limit individuals from driving under the influence of alcohol. This is why the government has instructed officials to catch such offenders and file a case on them because of the possible damage they could have done to the common surroundings of the city/state/country. 

DUI (Driving Under Influence) lawyers enter the picture on this page. They help charter out several possible routes of defense to either reduce the sentence/punishment and allow least impact on the life of the culprit. It is a known fact worldwide, that if you commit a crime you are yet liable to receive representation in the form of either a government lawyer or a private lawyer. In the same way, despite being caught driving under the influence of alcohol by a police officer, an individual is entitled to the services of a DUI lawyer. Keep reading to learn more about the role and responsibilities of a DUI lawyer – 

  • Reduction of overall penalties – When a police officer catches your driving under the influence of alcohol then depending on the amount of alcohol you have consumed, behavior with the officer and logical reasoning you provide, your penalties can be decided. People are known to face major consequences of getting a DUI on their government records. This affects their ability to acquire reputable jobs, do forms of social service, donate to charity, participate in social events, in turn proving to be a financial and social disadvantage in the long run.

DUI lawyers in CT are tasked with the responsibility to present your case with utmost sincerity while also stating logical points. The judge may reduce the penalty to an extent such that it does not negatively impact your financial and professional aspects. This does not mean that your DUI lawyer can completely save you from the penalties imposed; that is impractical thinking.

  • Providing you confidence and belief – The odds are that the victim is devastated with the aftermath of their drinking and driving decision. They are low on confidence, fall into depression and begin to believe that their lives are now going to be on a permanent downfall. This affects the chances of them improving and working towards rebuilding; they land up becoming a ‘lost cause’ to the community as a whole. 

This is when the support you receive from a DUI lawyer matters the most. They assure you of using strategies in defending your crime during the course of the case. Due to this beneficial level of communication between the lawyer and the culprit, attributes such as confidence, belief and a desire to improve are instilled into the culprit’s mindset.

  • Making you aware of the laws – 90 percent of all citizens are not aware of their rights when they are caught in DUI cases. This can backfire as they may give out unnecessary information that makes it a harder situation to get out of. Do not worry about this fact, as it is the responsibility of a DUI lawyer to inform you of knowledge related to the rights you have at your disposal. 

A DUI attorney in New Haven or any other part of the country makes it a point to inform you about laws that can lead to an increase in penalty and overall punishment. Shedding out information like how much distance have you driven? How much of substance have you consumed? Are your friends drinking and driving as we speak? can lead to an extended investigation and prove to negatively impact your life in several ways.

  • Deciding on several methods to defend the victim – DUI lawyers in New Haven will offer you different techniques to stick to a single game plan so that you have the comfort of choosing an option that you can execute best. For example – when the judge asks ‘Did you drink and if you did, were you drunk?’ If you claim that you were sober then you can act as your witness in defense of yourself. From hereon the lawyer will know how exactly to go about the case to ensure that more damage to the client is not done and at the same time, the penalty can be reduced.

A DUI lawyer proves to be highly valuable if you are considering to continue your professional growth within other businesses in your region. When we say ‘driving under influence’, influence can also mean marijuana or any other illegal substances. Any breaching of driving-related violations can lead to a significant impact on the future of the culprit. DUI lawyers take up the task of reducing your sentence by asking permission for months of social service or any other form of a contribution to the community via government-provided services.


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