Got A Bad Tint Job? Here’s 5 Ways You Can Remove It Without Harming Your Car

Although you might have been tempted to choose the store that offered you a relatively cheaper tint job in comparison to the rest, you will find yourself regretting it almost immediately. Services of window tinting in Woodbridge, VA are available in both good and bad qualities, the important part is being able to distinguish between the two. However, if you find yourself reading this article, it’s probably a little too late. No matter, you can choose to remove the film and get the job done by a professional after.

Removing a bad film can be quite easy as compared to the rest. However, if you hold a fear of ruining your car further, you can choose to opt for a professional tint removal job as well. But if you choose to go for a DIY removal, here’s how you can do it without harming your car:

Use a hairdryer or a heat gun: Heating up is said to be the best way to remove a tint film from the windows of your car. Simply hold the hairdryer or heat gun on top of the tint to melt away the glue to an extent where you can begin to remove the tint with the edge of your fingernail. Once you’re able to pry away at an edge, angle the hairdryer to melt away the glue from the middle of the tint and the glass; this will make it much easier to remove the tint quickly.

Use a blade or a knife: Before we go into the details of this method, it must be noted that this form of removal is not recommended and is well capable of damaging the glass of your car if it is not carried out properly. Admittedly, this is a method that could end terribly if performed by amateurs, so if you can, avoid the use of blades or knives in the process of your tint’s removal. However, if you are in a rush and need to remove the tint as soon as possible to avoid suffering from any other external harm. While using a blade or a knife to remove your window’s tint, it’s important to angle the sharp bit of the blade to make sure your glass doesn’t suffer from scratches.

Remove the remaining glue with the help of an isopropyl alcohol or acetoneOnce you’re done with the removal of your window tint, you’re going to be left with a relatively sticky surface on top of your window. To get rid of the window tint glue, you need to use a strong chemical to be left with a completely clean surface. A bottle of isopropyl alcohol or nail polish remover is ideal for getting rid of all the glue and even giving an added sheen to the surface of your glass window.

Needless to say, such a problem can be avoided in the first place if you choose to get your window tint applied from a reliable auto shoppe. If you’re looking to get services for car window tinting in Woodbridge from a professional, yet reasonable shop, Quality Tire could be your best option. Besides car tinting services, they also offer several car accessories and are the one-stop-solution to all your car problems.

You can reach out to them for your film’s removal if you feel skeptical about the process yourself as well. With a helping hand reaching out to you, your job will get much easier and your car will be able to witness the care it needed in the first place!


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