Everything You Wanted To Know About Guardianship Termination In Custody Matter

In most states across the US, including in California, various events would lead to the end of guardianship. The guardianship normally ends if the child turns 18, or of the following also occur:

A court-terminate guardianship

Emancipation or adoption of the child

The child joins the military.

Additionally, only specific individuals can request an end to guardianship. Persons who could persuade the court to terminate the guardianship are:

The child if he or she is over the age of 12

The guardian

Either or both of the child's parents

So, if you are the guardian, you will have to go to court to request the termination to end the guardianship.

Guardianship termination procedure

To step-down as guardian, you must first inform all of the child's relatives who were told of your guardianship appointment about the guardian termination hearing. Also, you will need to give proof to the court that you would not be a suitable guardian for the child.

To file for a guardian termination, you must provide the clerk's office of the local courthouse with the Order for Termination of Guardianship, Petition for Termination of Guardianship, a Notice of Hearing, and any additional forms requested by your court.

The process of ending a guardianship can be quite complex. To ensure that you complete all the required paperwork correctly, in full, and on time, it is imperative that you should work with an accomplished, dedicated child custody attorney.

Family conflicts can be stressful, costly, and upsetting. Regardless of that, it would be best to get the right advice before making a move on guardianship issues, divorce, child custody, adoption, or other vital legal matter. Contact the law office of Jos Family Law, the best Family Law Attorney at (714) 733-7066, to obtain the guidance you require to make well-informed and wise decisions.


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