How to Fix AOL Desktop Error Code 100

The error code 100 which the users come across is basically a Windows error code and is also called a device error code. This malfunction arises when the Windows Device Manager is installed in an incorrect manner. When the users come across this error, it could cause compatibility issue with AOL mail and the system being used. When this error is encountered, the operating system and the installed drivers would not be able to work together. The users can solve this issue using some basic guidelines. Most often the users face this issue when they newly download aol gold desktop By reading through this blog, the users can attain a clear understanding of how to handle this situation.

This error is mainly caused due to the compatibility issue with the mainboard. When there is some fault with the BIOS of your system, then this error would automatically arise.

Signs of AOL error code 100

The users can determine that they have encountered the error code 100 when:

  • The computer system starts functioning sluggishly.
  • When the users come across the error called BSOD.
  • When unused programs on the system start to run.
  • When the users would not be able to update anything on their system.

Ways to resolve AOL error code 100

When the users wish to fix the AOL error code 100, then the steps which they would have to undertake are as mentioned below:

Step 1: Alter the Windows Update Service Startup

  • The users would have to start by accessing the Windows Task Manager and then have to select the ‘Service Tab.’
  • Now they would have to click on the ‘Open Services’ option.
  • Then they would come across a new window and would be advised to move down to find the Windows Update option.
  • Further, they have to double click on the ‘Windows Update’ icon and login to the ‘Update Properties.’
  • Now you would have set the ‘Startup Type’ to ‘Automatic.’
  • Then tap on ‘Apply’ and click on the ‘Start’ button.
  • Lastly, access the ‘Windows Update’ and opt for ‘Check for updates’ icon.

Step 2: Disable the Antivirus Software and the Firewall on the system

  • The users can also opt to simply disable all the antivirus software that is available on the system.

Step 3: Scan the system for virus and remove anything that seems to be a threat

  • The users can scan the system for any possible virus infection. If they find any, it is essential that they remove the same at the earliest in order to remove the error code.

If these steps do not help the users to rectify the error code 100, then the last resort is to uninstall and later reinstall aol gold download again. This solution often resolves all the errors which the users might face.

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Once the users successfully install aol desktop gold, they can then easily use this feature. The users can also learn more about this feature by connecting with the customer service team, which is available on a 24-hour basis and is completely free of charge.


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