Best Free FLV to MP4 Converters on Windows 10

Converting an FLV file becomes mandatory as the format is supported by a handful of software. Despite being a favored format, users need to convert FLV files into MP4, and if you wish to do so, then we will help you out. Go through the blog to know about the best free FLV to MP4 converter on Windows 10.

FLV to MP4 Converter for the Computer

Most of the media players do not support the FLV codec. Only some of them like VLC player can play these files. Most users do not choose to install these players as it may affect the guarantee of systems. Therefore, they decide to convert the FLV videos to MP4 video file.

  • HD Video Converter Factory
  • VideoSoft Converter
  • Video Converter Free
  • Handbrake
  • Freemake Video Converter

1. VideoSoft Converter

VideoSoft video converter is fast and free and you will not face any problem with the bugs or performance lag. The software is not only free but also offers an easy-to-use user interface. You can download the software online.

2. Video Converter Free

The software’s name is self-explanatory and it works efficiently as well. Every file converter is easy to use, but this one is handiest among them all. It is efficiently designed and can be used to convert any videos online in any format. The software can be downloaded online for the computer, but It may take a while to install.

3. HD Video Converter Factory

This software offers inbuilt tools for editing videos which are compatible with every version of Windows. This software is very intuitive so that you can use the manual option or modified profile according to the variant.

4. Handbrake

Handbrake is in each list of best video converters as it has the best features which give you complete control over the videos. You can customize the quick pre-set choice. The software supports every type of file format, which is used commonly as well as it also supports the main operating system. 

5. Freemake Video Converter

It provides a wide variety of formats alongside every essential feature of a converter and video editor. It requires nothing just a few minutes to install it, taking minimal space on the device. Download it for Windows 10 and convert files from the hard drive of the device or internet.

You can use such apps as they are too user-friendly and so you have to be an expert of tech to figure things out of this software. You have to download and convert videos by using this software.

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