Best WMV to MP4 Converters for Windows PC (Free)

If you are looking for the best option of WMV to MP4 converters of videos for free on the computer, then you have a lot of options. WMV is used for least of media files as it provides compressed files. The merit it facilitates is providing files adequate enough to send on emails. If you want to convert WMV to MP4, then this post might be helpful for you. Read through the blog and follow the steps to convert the format for free on the PC.

How to Convert the WMV to MP4 for Free

Several media players don’t read the WMV format files, so if you get such files on email, the best thing to do is to convert its format to play it.

Here is the list of WMV to MP4 converters for free for the computer:

  • VideoSoft Converter
  • Video Converter the Format
  • HD Converter Factory for free
  • Video Trimmer and Compressor
  • HandBrake

1. HD Video Converter Factory for Free

This software has a long name, but the interface is easy and the procedure is simple as well. Users avail this software because it is easy-to-use and the procedure of downloading is simple.

Go to the software and then follow the instructions on the screen to set up the software. You can choose from 300 media formats and all the videos formats will have HD quality.

2. HandBrake

No video converters can work without Handbrake; however, you can use the software because of the choice it provides. You may be unable to recognize when you see it the first time, but it is mainly compact software and can download the software. It can also discover the features as it is the best software to use on the platform. If you need to do anything with the media file, then use the Handbrake.

3. VideoSoft Converter

This software is the most downloaded video converters. It is accessible on several platforms. However,  Windows 10 users are always satisfied with the performance of the converter as you can convert media file with this software. Go to Download for Windows option to access the software. Users can convert any media file easily with one view.

4. Video Converter Any Format

This free application can do everything then you expect, although you can convert the number of formats of media files. You can also improve the videos and use the advanced material design. You can download it from the Microsoft Store without any tutorial as the procedure is easy. But if you want, you can also download from the official website of the company.

5. Video Trimmer and Compressor

The primary functions of the application including trimming videos, converting video formats and compressing videos to store the space. You can execute all the tasks on any videos as well as you can convert any media file to any video format and edit it. You can get this software at the Microsoft store.

Using these applications, you can convert the media files several times without any charges.

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