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It is a fact that the idea of spin-offs and sequels is pretty popular and also the best way to sell out the product in the virtual industry. From the excitation of the fans, gaming industries are taking favors for the arrival of the favorite character in the new game or maybe a sequel. In the article, we will talk about spin-offs, which were even better than the original installments. Here are some selected 5 spin-offs on the basis of the server and ratings.


1.  Super Mario Bros

The game doesn’t require any introduction due to its enormous popularity across the globe. However, it is 20 years old, but it is still creating a lot of heat in the gaming market. The game produces lots of spin-offs to keep changing its aspect to suit the demand of the gamers, and thus, its popularity intends the developers to create Super Mario Bros. The franchise character was the main reason for its reputation, and therefore it would always remain the favorite game character of all time.

2.  Metroid Prime

The Metroid played a significant role in the establishment of Metroadvania and thus proclaimed the third spot on our list. The game is essential among the RPG lineup games, and thus it is one of the best matches from the franchise. Although its new versions are also pretty amazing, we can never deny the fact that Metroid is the one behind all of them.

3.  Portal

The mysterious game aspect brings it to the second spot of our list, and thus, it is the most popular among its previous two games. Several gamers maybe will not be agreed without a statement that the game is even better than half-Life, but it is true. Portal gaming experience is somehow even better to the aspect of Half-Life, and thus, this legacy favors it to attain the second spot.

4.  Fallout: New Vegas

The Fall out franchise of Bethesda Softworks is one of the most popular gaming franchises across the globe. The franchise attained enormous popularity because it is one of the most earlier games from the RPG lineup. The set includes several intriguing aspects like the story alongside its memorable characters, and its legacy is availing the whole franchise till now. Although the latest versions of this franchise video games are also pretty intriguing, nobody can compare any of them with the Fallout 3 first edition.

5.  Final Fantasy

This franchise’s success is still ongoing as there several new games have been in the market recently. However, the opening game of the franchise, which is Final Fantasy: Tactics, it is regarded as the best creation of them. The game included several legendary characters that are still reminiscing the gamer’s heart and thus deliberately luring the gamers towards the latest editions.  


The above list has been prepared by our survey and critics team; however, if you are not satisfied with the ranking position of any of these games, let us know in the comment section. In the end, we hope that you will find every bit of information in this article absurd.

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