How Much Do the Top Game Streamers Earn? (Ninja, Shroud, Pewds)

According to Forbes reports and some pieces of information unveiled by industry insiders, it has been revealed that video game streamers are making considerable money every year. Most of these top earners video games personalities and streamers. The fans may be thinking about how these personalities have made so much money. The recent report has also revealed that these top earners are full-time video gamers and content creators also who have created a considerable amount of qualitative content on several platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. These full-time video gamers have left the professional players of esports far behind in terms of making a colossal fortune.

Tyler Blevins, well known as Ninja and the Youtuber Felix Kjellberg is known for “PewDiePie.” are at the top among the video gamers who have made huge money from video gaming. Both top earners have made millions of dollars from the revenues of merchandise deals for advertisements and sponsored content, and they had done this even then when the year 2019 was a tumultuous one for the video game. The story began with the exit of Ninja from Twitch, and then CouRage left the Twitch for YouTube gaming. The mass exodus of top streamers from Twitch had left it with losing its popularity among the fans, and several other issues such as inconsistencies in Odd content moderation has made the situation worst for Twitch. These instances proved that the world of video game streaming is full of uncertainties nowadays, but they still exist, the chances for making huge money by streaming games.

Tyler Blevins and Felix Kjellberg have exploited the opportunities to make millions of dollars even in the uncertainties and emerged as the top earners. According to Some reports that came through Forbes and TwitchTracker, Ninja has earned almost $ 17 million in the year 2019, leaving far behind any other video games in terms of earnings. Ninja has made so much money despite its lowered viewership due to leaving Twitch as it was backed by the making money potential of Tyler, as a full-time video gamer brand. Several brands, including Adidas, rushed to Tyler for making him their brand ambassador and for sponsoring their products. The release of Ninja Fortnite Skin has also contributed a lot in the money-making, which was long-awaited, and the game is increasing its fan base day by day.

The second top earner was PewDiePie, who earned almost $15 million in the year 2019 and stood as the most-subscribed YouTuber.

The list of top video game earners does not end here, and Preston Arsement, well known for Minecraft, has held the number three position. He had earned almost $14 million in the year 2019. Mark Fischbach, well known for  “Markiplier,” has held the fourth position racking up to $14 million, followed by Michael Grzesiek alias  Shroud ending at $12.5 million. The other top video game streamers who have finished at number sixth, seventh and eighth have all earned $11 and $12

and sat around the level of Shroud in terms of earnings. Timothy Betar alias “TimTheTatman”  has finished on number ninth with $8 million for the year 2019, and the streamer holding number ten position in the list has made $6 million in the year 2019. It is noteworthy that these players have not only making huge money due to their gaming talent but also due to their personalities. Ninja has now moved to Mixer, providing enough space for other gaming personalities to grab the opportunity and making massive money on Twitch.

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