How to Configure Windows Updates Stuck at 35?

Yes, it is very frustrating painstaking when windows updates stuck and the worst part is that they are stuck at 35 most of the time. We don’t even know what sorcery is this or how we can resolve this. But fortunately for you, here is how you can resolve the problem facing your computer. 

  • If you are able to login to your device, then you need to run the troubleshooter and resolve the update problems. 

  • If not, then you can try to revert the update installation by running the DISM command from the recovery windows environment and check whether you are able to boot to the desktop.

  • You need to open system recovery options to run the DISM command from the system. 

  • You will need the precise date and time of the update to go forward with this process. 

  • Run ‘DISM /Image:C: /Cleanup-Image /RevertPendingActions’ using the command prompt and then reboot the PC to see whether we have resolved windows updates stuck at 35 problems. 

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