How Planetary Positions Affect Our Life


We have the general awareness that we are associated with the stars and planets and that they have an impact on our lives. Our natal (birth) charts tell us the position of the planets at the time of our birth. Each planet symbolizes a different component of life and energy. When the planets are in transit, traveling through different signs, their energy emanates differently, depending on where they are. We have a cosmic connection, and all the planets and celestial bodies impact us in one way or the other.

Classification of Planets

The planets are classified based on gender. Masculine planets include the Sun, Jupiter, and Mars. Planets with feminine aspects include the Moon and Venus. Mercury falls under both categories.

Then, there is the classification of Day and Night Stars.  Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun are Day Stars, while the Moon, Mars, and Venus are the Night Stars. Again, Mercury exists in both categories.Jupiter and Venus are considered good and benefic planets, Mars and Saturn are considered malefic planets at times. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury come under both categories.

What Happens When Planets are in a Favorable Position?

The Sun – When placed favorably in a horoscope, the Sun brings fame and power to the individual in several areas.

The Moon – Joy, peace of mind, and positive vibes rule the mind when the Moon is placed in a favorable position.

Mercury – Mercury is mixed in nature and controls Gemini and Virgo.

Venus- This planet denotes all good things of life and signifies love and beauty.

Mars – If this fiery planet resides in the first house of Cancer and Leo, it is not harmful to them.

Jupiter – A planet that signifies wisdom and spirituality, this planet is very beneficial to married life.

Saturn – This planet impacts all zodiac signs and is all about awareness and realization of reality.

Uranus – This planet signifies an adventurous spirit and instigates intuition.

Neptune – This planet signifies beliefs, imagination, and healing.

Pluto – This planet is all about transformation and tends to dominate.

The fourth and tenth houses are very beneficial and signify material prosperity.

The eleventh house is vital for monetary benefits. The placement of Saturn and Uranus in the eleventh house also indicates monetary gains.

What Do Planets Stand For?

Each of the planets, along with the Sun and the Moon, that are also considered planets in astrology, signify the energy of a specific zodiac sign. In ancient times, people often associated planets with the Gods.

For example, they associated Sri Rama to the Sun, Sri Krishna to the Moon, Sri Narasimha to Mars, the Buddha to the Mercury, Vamana to the Jupiter, Parashurama to the Venus, Koorma to the Saturn, and Varaha to the Rahu and Meena to the Ketu.

Vedic Astrology states that planets like Uranus, Neptune,Pluto, Rahu, and Ketu are not harmful planets as they do not have proximity to the earth, and their impact is not significant.

Combination of Planets

Sometimes, the combination of planets works favorably, and at times, they can cause adverse effects when in combination. For example,the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, two benefic planets, shows the favorable and downside to their combination.

Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

According to Vedic Astrology, Venus and Jupiter are considered benefic planets, with Jupiter, the preceptor of the Devas, and Venus, the preceptor of the Asuras. Jupiter is positive and tends to support whichever planet it is combined with. In the case of conjunction with Venus, Jupiter enhances the qualities of Venus and adds to an individual's grace, charm, and beauty. The combination of these two planets makes a person intelligent, religious, educated, and wealthy. It indicates a good marriage, children, and wealth.

On the downside, Jupiter considers Venus as its adversary and is ill at ease with Venus in the same house. In this case, the combination gives a person an enhanced perception of Venus's beauty, luxury, pleasure, and relationship for happiness and fulfillment, when actually pleasure and contentment is transient and limited, compared to Jupiter's idea of a higher sense of fulfillment and happiness. The issue happens when Jupiter is about knowledge, philosophy, and the bigger picture of life, Venus is about being worldly, so there may be some difference in ideology.


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