Jogging: several important rules and recommendations


Almost everyone can doing jogging except those, who suffer from congenital heart disease, mitral stenosis, circulatory failure, severe heart rhythm disorders, thrombophlebitis of the lower limbs, acute illnesses, including the common cold and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

If you want to jog properly – do not try to jog fast. Not speed, but the duration of the distance helps to develop endurance and lose weight. Regular jogging will bring many benefits for health.

If you decide to jog, you need to assess the state of your health, go through the training period; master the technique of walking, walking + jogging technique, and only then move to jogging.

You can jog at any time of day – morning jogging will charge you with cheerfulness for the whole day, and evening jogging – will help to relieve fatigue and stress. But for women it is recommended to jog in the evening, when the hormone levels of physical activity are maximum high. Therefore the selection of jogging time depends on the ultimate goal.

Choose proper cloth: you need to choose something light and form-fitting shape, for example, top and cycling shorts. Choose special jogging shoes, in this case, do not skimp on health.

It is better to jog in the park on earthen paths, in places with fresh air. There are not always such conditions near your home. Therefore go the stadium or on the sidewalk.

Do not jog on an empty stomach, you may faint. Therefore, you should eat a snack an hour before the jogging, for example, oatmeal with dried fruits.

If you want to drink while jogging, you can quench your thirst by carbonated water. Drinking water can also be before and after exercise.

Begin training with energetic steps, and then go on a slow pace, and only then developed your own pace.

After jogging, you can check your heart rate – it should not exceed 140-150 beats per minute. If you have the higher numbers, then you should reduce the pace of jogging.

When jogging, do not look down at your feet, do not lower your head, otherwise you will have difficulties with breathing. Do not be engaged in jogging, if the weather is hot (temperature above 25 °C) or extremely cold and windy. 

My name is Robert, and I am a freelancer whose work is to help students by providing them with custom writing On my free time, I play in a band. Each and every day I start with a jogging. In this article I wrote some of the most important rules and recommendations for those who are going to start jogging!


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