How To Practice Ping Pong By Myself?

As difficult as it may sound, you can play ping pong alone. If you are among the hard-core tennis fans who mostly want to practice ping pong but they find themselves alone, worry not because there are several ways to practice ping pong when you are alone. Even when you don’t have any partner to play ping pong with, get better at it by practising during your solo ping pong cases.

This article mentions how you can practice and play ping pong by yourself and how to upgrade your game to the next level; it is possible. Before you begin, ensure that you have some notes that indicate some of your strengths and weaknesses. Always keep track of the areas you excel in and what needs more practice so that you take steps to become a better player.

Get a ping pong table with a playback mode

Different designs of ping pong tables are available depending on the needs of the players. For recreational purposes only, choose an outdoor table. On the contrary, an indoor ping pong table is better if you want the matches to be more professional or if you aim at the table being the centre of attraction. Focus on the functionality on the table if you need the ping pong table to practice when no one is around; a table with a playback mode is the right choice for you in this case. Although it will not follow the natural trajectory, it is an excellent way to be used to ping pong even when you have no one to play with. All you have to do is lift the other side vertically and practice the game alone.

Use a table tennis robot

A table tennis robot is a great strategy if you are thinking of the best way of playing ping pong by yourself. An advantage of this method is that you won't have to do anything manually; you just need to play as the robot handles the programming part.

Depending on the degree of competence, you can choose the speed of your ball, the spin then the robot dispenses it out to you. What you require is a proper supply of electricity. Regardless of whether you are a professional, intermediate, or a beginner, this robot will definitely bring out the best in you.

Use a ping pong return board

Also known as a rebound table, a return board is a viable option in case you want a more intense ping pong training by yourself. If you are thinking about how to play ping pong alone on this type of board, adjust the board accordingly by tilting it up or moving it down. A rebound table will improve your footwork plus coordination between your eyes and hands. Besides, you can perform backspins smoothly as well as forehand spins and loops with this training.

Made up of plastic and rubber, the material is responsible for the rebounding and spinning motion of the ball. For a better gameplay experience alone, opt for higher quality material.

Continuous serves

As you play with your opponent or partner, you are mainly focused giving them a sound defeat. In this process, you will master your strokes, but regrettably, you forget to work on your serves. As you play ping pong alone, you can practice several serves as you want and allow yourself to win the following matches at the beginning.

Shadow play

While you play, place a mirror in front. However, if you can’t access a mirror, record your gameplay and watch it to analyse your strategies in detail. This will help you note any mistakes in your stokes, and it will help you improve your performance.


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Written by Andy Mccoy


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