How Much Does it Cost to Develop Sports Betting App like William Hill?

As evidenced in the epics from India and China, the concept of betting is probably as old as sports itself. Betting enjoys its relevance and prominence from the fact that people like to make money out of probabilities, and sports betting is one such territory where probability pays.

The introduction of online betting and mobile applications has resulted in a democratic shift of sports betting as an activity and business. Just like cab booking and online dating, even betting has gone through the paradigm shift of mobile applications.

The popularity of betting apps is proportional to its acceptance as a business and the openness of constitutions to accommodate betting.

William Hill – the ‘Uber’ of betting apps:

Just like how Uber created a synonymy with cab booking, William Hill has done that with sports betting apps. Although there are competitors like Bet365 and Paddy Power, William Hill stands tall among them and can be considered a de facto standard for creating a betting app that is immersive for the user and profitable for the creator.

With the advent of app development companies that can develop clones of sports betting Mobile apps like William Hill, the possibilities of you starting a business that relies on an app are quite bright.

Basic features of a sports betting app

Any app like William Hill has to feature these basic aspects to facilitate the requirements to place bets and win.

Sign in

This is the most basic section of the app which will present personalized content for the users. The users can register in the app by using social network or email account credentials.

Live scores

The bets that are placed and the probability of winning depend on the scores. A clone of William Hill needs to have a feature that will enable users to check the scores of the matches they are betting on.

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