The explosive growth of fantasy Esports in the market

The popularity of esports can be witnessed in every country. As the availability of internet connection has increased the number of players to a significant amount. Most of the esports fans are under the age of 18–35 and they spend more time on esports compared to traditional sports. Reports from statistics show that the revenue of esports in 2012 was more than $130 million dollars and that was 8 years ago! This year it is expected to make nearly $1.5 billion.

Another survey conducted by Limelight Networks showed that more than 22% of millennials are watching esports regularly. In the US males aged between 18–25 have more chances of spending more time on esports. In fact, they prefer esports over other forms of entertainment such as tv shows, news, and sitcoms.

Esports is showing no signs of stalling as several startups have adopted it to their business by launching their own platform in the market. A fair amount of strategy is needed from the users to win the game. The users must put their knowledge on fantasy sports to use in order to win the game. Everyone will have their unique style, strengths, and weaknesses in the game. The users must stay within their budgetary limit as matches playout so that they will be on a safer side.

Fantasy esports betting has experienced nothing short of explosive growth in the market Some of fantasy esports providers have also adopted blockchain technology in their platforms. This increases the transparency and reputation of the platform among the users. The users will be offered a predetermined amount as a welcome bonus when they sign up on the platform. A professional fantasy esports software development company can help entrepreneurs to launch a unique platform in the market.


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