What sports are popular in Australia?

Australia is known for its sports activities and it is seen that in most major events Australia stands in the top of the medal tally. Some of the games are played in Australia with their own rules such as footy.

It would be better to have a close look at other sports are popular in this country. Let us see:

  • Swimming: Since Australia’s largest population lives near the water and it is engulfed with the sea. People love to swim during the summer season. However, swimming is just not a hobby for Australians, but they also love this sport and approximately 3 million people do this activity.
  • AFL: It is also known as the Australian Football League. Since it is Australia’s own sport and played with their own rules, it is kind of extremely popular game. Nearly 2 million people love to watch this sport, and they have AFL Finale day during Sep and October.  
  • Cycling: Kids in Australia learn to ride a cycle in early age. Adults also prefer to ride cycles. Many social events take place in Australia, and people participate in them. There are almost 3 million people ride cycle. They also think about the environment, and people travel to their workplaces by cycle.
  • Cricket: Australia is also known for its quality cricket. Their team was a no.1 for many years in test cricket. So, we can say that they love playing cricket. Leagues such as big bash league are extremely popular among people. And their rivalry and ashes series with England cricket team cannot be forgotten. It is also popular as backyard sport in Australia.
  • Basketball: It is also getting popular in Australia. Since most people are a big fan of the NBA, so there are many places where basketball is played by many youngsters. There are many basketball academies where people learn to play it. Also, it is seen in Australia that most companies design courts for this sport, these courts are also known as synthetic sports turfs.
  • Tennis: Do you know the Australian open? It is one of the biggest tournaments of tennis played in Australia. World’s renowned players participate in this. More than 1 million people play this sport.
  • Netball: This sport is quite popular among children and women. Also, it is one of the old games played here. Since 1897, it has been played in many states of Australia. The Australian team has won 14 world tournaments since 1963.
  • If you are living in Australia, we would like to know what sports do you play? Let us know


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