Choose Fine Restaurants in Goa for Feasting

Whether you are a traveler or a tourist of sorts, eating good is something no one can resist; especially when one is out on exploring the different aspects of Goa tourism. It is the time to look around for more than just the sand, sun, beaches and landmarks. The array of restaurants in Goa serve the best variety of local as well as global cuisine to its visitors.


Pink Orange: Unusual name yet nothing particularly spectacular about it, so the chances are that you will probably miss this shack restaurant’s sign on the inconspicuous blackboard. This is one of the finest restaurants in Goa that serves absolutely vegetarian delicacies, which are perfect for detoxifying the body. Located in the Beach village of Ashwem, it offers the visitors to gorge on a variety of spinach lasagna, salads and juices. On the other hand, the regular apple pie and brownies are always the best, but the daily experimental element of surprise is something can’t miss.


Thalassa: This is a Grecian restaurant, which is very close to the Nine Bar in the Vagator vicinity. Goa tourism recognizes this place as a hotspot of authentic Greek food, in north Goa. This all-white, mirror-filled, muslin-curtained eatery is famous for its mousakka, Greek salad and chicken or prawn souvlaki. One must taste the profiterole balls here, which are extremely delicious and so very addictive that many come here just for this dessert.


Sur La Mer: A villa that has Italian architecture with Moroccan and Spanish influence to its rooms, which open towards a swimming pool and a courtyard that makes it look grand. The owner has got everything done to the last minute detail so that the guests do not have any discomfort on their visit. Most of the herbs, vegetables and fruits are produced organically on the property of the restaurant itself, ensuring the high quality of the cuisines health wise. The clam chowder, escargot, beef carpacio, baked goat cheese, lobster thermador are some of the most ordered delicacies of this place. The filo pastry and chocolate fondant are two most rich textured desserts of Sur La Mer that is highly recommended by everyone.


Fellini’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria: Situated in the middle of the Russian appropriated area of Arambol, it is a hidden restaurant in a shack style. The plastic chairs with fold-up tables give a very plain décor to the entire place. However, it is the place for pizza worshippers, for the massive pizzas that come out of the oven have the delicious mess of molten Mozzerella on the top with generous toppings to go with. The sweet and tangy tomato sauce is perfect to get along with the pizza here. It is being said by the pizza aficionados that the fine crust pizza if found only here, all throughout the Goan cost. Indeed one of the finest restaurants in Goa to have pizza at.


Many more restaurants in Goa serve the delicacy one may be looking for; it’s just a matter of searching the one that matches with your tastes and preferences.


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