Langkawi – A jewel in the ocean

A quest for the perfect vacation led me and my wife to the jewel of Kedah – Langkawi!! And what a stunning jewel it was !!


We reached Langkawi via a short flight from Kuala Lumpur. The airport at Langkawi is tiny and not very well organized, however it seems to function just fine! Our cab driver was waiting for us and he took the scenic route to the hotel.


The traffic was orderly and we could see a smattering of small shops throughout the way. In fact I wanted to stop a number of times to get a taste of true local delicacies in places where too many tourists might not be frequenting.


We chose to stay at the isolated Andaman for two nights and the luxurious Westin for the other two. The Andaman gave us a secluded beach, cut off from all things commercial completely one with nature. The pristine untouched beauty of the Datai bay was unlike anything we had ever seen. To top it all the Jala restaurant nestled between the rainforest and the Andaman Sea gave us the ultimate fine dining experience with the best of Malay and western foods on offer.  While at The Andaman we enjoyed the heavy waterfall close by, as well as hikes through the lush rainforest with many varieties of monkeys visible. We also took a tour to the oriental village and the cable car. The skycab offered a breathtaking view which was well worth the wait. The oriental village offered quaint shops with cute souvenirs on display. Our only regret was to see the skybridge linking the tallest peaks of Langkawi closed, those are some pretty awesome photographs we didn’t get! 


One would think that it would be tough for The  Westin to match upto the wonderful Andaman , however it did and how!! The Westin gave us all the modern luxuries we could think of coupled with spectacular natural beauty. The three lovely pools more than made up for the muddy beach. The seafood at the tide restaurant was mouthwatering though a bit pricey. 

While at the westin we enjoyed a tour which took us island hopping, snorkeling and scuba diving. We visited some limestone caves and also did a tour of the mangroves. We even got a chance to feed eagles and saw some the most beautiful fish we could imagine!


We found travel across the island is not too difficult although some of the nicer hotels are a fair way from the center of the city. I and my wife got a massage on the beach front and it was quite relaxing. The people are very friendly and at no point did we face any trouble getting what we wanted.


On our last night at this idyllic island we drove to the popular tourist area called Pentai Cenang. We had drinks at various small bars. Langkawi being a duty free island allowed us to enjoy to the fullest. For dinner we chose The Cliff which had by far the best view we have ever experienced. The food too was absolutely stunning with the lobster being the stand out dish that we had.


We have visited many islands including Phuket, Koh Samui , Goa, Kovalam and Bali and now Langkawi. We look back at this vacation with very warm memories and some breathtaking pictures. For any future travellers looking for a relaxed yet beautiful island vacation we would whole heartedly recommend Langkawi


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