Trip to Heaven: Srinagar Tour Packages

If you want to secure a piece of paradise all for yourself, then here is what you can choose from, a wide range of Srinagar tour packages designed specially for you. Srinagar is the beautiful capital of Jammu and Kashmir and is also the nerve center for Kashmir tourism. Any tour of Kashmir begins from Srinagar and these Srinagar tour packages are a great way for you to try and start off with you exploration and adventure in the beautiful and scenic valley of Kashmir.

Srinagar has been a very famous city in India and has been showcased in many movies, songs, documentaries as well as other forms of media. It has always grabbed a lot of attention be it because of the Dal Lake, the nishat bagh or the many temples that surround the city and are also situated in it.

Some of the major Srinagar tour packages will surely include the serendipity of the Dal Lake and the Wular Lake, the peace of the temples, and the sanctity of the HazratBal shrine. Let us not forget the scenic beauty of the Shalimar Bagh and Nishat Bagh and the architectural grandeur of the Pari Mahal which means the palace of the fairies and is another massive structure. A night at the house-boat on the lake is something which is said to be an experience of a lifetime, and what more can we say about the tasty mouthwatering and exotic delicacies which come straight from the kitchen of the culture of Kashmir. Be it the biryani and the many types of bread, or the exotic teas and coffee which are peculiar to the region. All of these foods are mouthwatering and a surreal experience for any food lover.

These days, in order to promote tourism in the valley, a large number of these Srinagar tour packages are in function. Some may be ordered and developed by travel websites, some by local travel agents and some of them have been designed and created by the Ministry of Tourism as well as the state government of Jammu and Kashmir. These packages have a lot of variety and there are so many of them to choose from, there is always something to suit the need of each person for different reasons and hence they are a big advantage.

Many a times in order to remove the monotony of a single city tour package, an improvisation is made and a few more attractions are included and different packages are also clubbed together. A treat of Srinagar may be clubbed with river rafting and skiing packages on the high Himalayan slopes to make the tour more attractive. Religious tour may be clubbed with the sightseeing of Srinagar and the surrounding regions. Similarly Srinagar may be mixed with Gulmarg and Sonmarg to enhance the feel of the travel, and there are times when this is also mixed with a tour of Ladakh, most primarily Leh which offers a completely different experience and feel be it in terms of culture, language, history or tradition.


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