Visit Tourist Places Near Ooty For The Best Holiday Experience

Ooty is one of the most beautiful places in the whole of India. As a leading holiday destination, it attracts a large number of visitors each year.


One of the most visited places in the whole of Southern India is Ooty, because of its picturesque locations, excellent climate and warm hospitality. It is one of the finest hill station located near the Nilgiri hills. Also known as Udagamandalam, the place is the district capital of the Nilgiri Hills. The main economy of the town comes from the tourism industry and medicine manufacturing. Agriculture is common there and making photographic films is also one of the common businesses there. There are a number of tourist places near Ooty. The town is well connected to rest of India by means of rail and road transport. The scenic beauty, which prevails in and around this charming hill station, makes it a leading tourist attraction.


The East India had this hill station under its possession in the 18th century, and hence the place is of much historic importance. The meaning of Nilgiri hills is “the blue mountains”. The hills from afar look bluish in color because of the presence of the Eucalyptus trees growing there. A unique kind of flower known as the Kurunji flower is grown here on the hills. These flowers bloom every twelve years and impart the hills a bluish tinge, which looks serene when seen from a distance. The different tourist places near Ooty are visited by the tourists who go for a vacation at the Nilgiri Hills.


The whole purpose of travelling to Ooty is to unwind and relax. In such a place nature takes the upper hand and soothes a person’s body and mind, so much so that they are rejuvenated. This break helps people to cope up with the monotony of everyday life. It is also a much loved honeymoon spot as many newly wed Indian couples travel to this romantic getaway, as the place oozes romance. The beauty of the town is unmatched, because not many places have so much scenic beauty to offer. People from all over India visit this magnificent hill station especially during the summer months to enjoy the cool climes. The rolling hills and scenic countryside is truly a spectacular sight to behold offering a much-needed reprieve from the hot summer months. Also, the numerous tourist places near Ooty such as Coonor, Kotagiri and Glenmorgan are worth visiting.


More beautiful than most cities in the Southern part of India, this beautiful hill station has a special place in the hearts of the tourists who have visited the town. The place may be cold, but the people residing there are extremely warm and hospitable. A number of top class hotels are built for the convenience of the travelers who plan a vacation there. The stay in these hotels can differ in prices. From very high priced to medium price, to low priced, all types of hotels and guesthouses are available near the tourist places near Ooty. For those who wish to enjoy their holidays at a place where nature is at its best, this hill resort can be one of the best places to travel to.

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