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Widely known for the genuine hospitality and the unmatched adab and thezeeb(mannerism), Lucknow is a destination to head to. Liberally dotted by the buildings belonging to the British Raj era, including the famous Nawab residencies, and taking pride of its two magnificent mausoleums, the city is a delight to the history buffs and enthusiasts of architecture, culture, and tradition. The good thing about the city is that even being an excellent tourist destination, it doesn’t attracts the hordes of tourists, which can sometimes make sightseeing tiresome.

Lucknow today is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. It always had great significance to its rulers. The city rose to prominence as being the home to the Nawabs of Avadh. They were great admirers of culinary food and certain arts, dance and music being the two most prominent arts. At the medieval era, it was the capital of art, culture, dance, music, literature, and cuisine in Northern India. The only competitor that the city had, was Delhi. Today also the things are pretty much the same with the city still being the capital of all parameters, in northern India.

Lucknow has a rich and diverse culture that developed by happy amalgamation of Hindu, Islam, and Sikh religions. In addition, the British also were one major contributor to Lucknow’s culture and certainly the history. One must-mention, prime attraction of the city is its language and the way it’s spoken. Denizens of the city are conceived to be the most sweet tongued and soft-spoken in the entire nation.

Lucknow certainly is a utopia to those who are in an adventure to experience genuine hospitality. In fact, the unmatched hospitality is one attribute of which the city is proud of. The city greets each guest with great fervour and caters well to all their needs. The unparrallel hospitality that is plated in a regal oldish way with the best of mannerism and charm, and in the most personalized way, is simply a pleasure that everyone should relish. Of course, the best of the city’s hospitality can be best experienced at the
hotels in Lucknow.

For a sightseer, the city is replete of opportunities. Some of the most recommended places to visit in Lucknowinclude: Rumi Darwaza, La Martiniere College, Bara Imambara and Bhool Bhulaiya, Husainabad Clock Tower, Kaiserbagh complex, Ruins of the Lucknow Residency and Museum, Botanical Gardens, The Ramakrishna Math, Crocodile sanctuary at Kukrail, Indira Gandhi Planetarium, Farangi Mahal, Ambedkar Memorial, Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, Regional science center, Colvin Taluqdars College, Dilkusha ruins, The Zoo/Museum, and Chhota Imambara.

Being in Lucknow is also one fruitful opportunity to gusto the world popular culinary cuisines of the city, particularly the Mughlai delicacies. Akbari Gate, Food Court at Sahara Ganj, Lalbagh, and roadside hotels at Aminabad and old Chowk are some of the best venues to relish Lucknow specialities.

Arriving at Lucknow is quite easy, on the account that it’s the seat of commerce and administration. Also, it is a popular tourist destination. The city has both domestic and international airports, and they are served well by frequent flights of all air carriers. Simply get done with Air India flight booking, or Go Air flight booking advance, so that the latter hassles can be avoided. Ideally booking 4-5 weeks ahead of the journey date is the ideal thing to do.

Author Bio: Anjali is a travel enthusiast currently associated with ixigo, an online travel search engine guide. She has written about places to visit in Lucknow. Lucknow is famously known as the city of Nawabs and for it’s genuine hospitality.


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