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Bandipur is a small town in the southern state of Karnataka in India. The town is most popular for being the home of the Bandipur National Park, which is one the most nature-rich and excellent protected areas in India. The former hunting ground of the Maharajas of the nearby Mysore kingdom, Bandipur National Park got declared as a national park in year 1931. It was initially called the Venugopal wildlife sanctuary. In year 1941 the park got expanded by merging it with the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary and the Mudumalai sanctuary, which were lying to the northern and southern edge of the park respectively. The national park is one example showing India's endeavour to preserve and flourish the nation's natural heritages. Today, the park consists of a large and diverse area consisting the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

In year 1973, the park got designated as a Tiger Reserve in order to protect the dwindling population of Tigers in India. Since then the park has been making significant contribution in protecting and increasing the count of tigers in India. Today the tigers are the prime attraction of the park, however one has to be lucky to spot a tiger, because they are neither tracked or baited. Besides the tigers, the elephants are the next most major attractions of the park, and the good thing is that they are easy to spot. In fact, one also gets to enjoy exploring the exciting jungles of the region riding an elephant. In addition, one can also take part in night patrol in a watchtower, experiencing the nature and the animals at their best.

The park sits under the canopy of the Western Ghats and receives favourable climate throughout the year, except the winters. Winters here are bit chilly. The pleasant climate and variant geographical features of the park make it favourable to support a large variety of flora and fauna. There are the thick confusing forests to open grasslands, sparkling waterbodies to interesting rock formations. The reserve is sprinkled with stunted trees, bushes, and grassy patches. Sandalwood and teak are pretty common and one will see them often while roaming in the jungle. If you like to spot the elephants then the best time to spot them is during the rainy season. Plus, the other animals to look out include: Gaur, Barking Deer, Four-Horned Antelope, Sambhar, Sloth Bear, Malabar Squirrel, Porcupines, Panther, Black-naped Hare, Red-Giant Squirrel, Mouse Deer, Chital, etc.

For the birdwatchers, the park is simply a heaven. Both the residential and migratory birds flock the park offering a wide variety of bird species to see. One may see  Grey Partridge, Shaheen Falcon, Peafowl, Honey Buzzard, King Vulture, Red and Grey Jungle Fowl, etc. Meanwhile, one important thing to understand is that trekking is strictly restricted in the jungle, yet camping is allowed after getting the permission of the range officer.

Coming to the accommodations part, the park and the town makes one fine destination for a budget holiday. It is easy to relish every attraction of the Bandipur tour while staying within budget. The budget hotels in Bandipur make it easy to find a content accommodation while in the town.

There are a couple of hotels located near the National Park offering a convenient access to the park. The Windflower Resort & Spa, Forest Department Guest House, MC Resort, The Country Club Wild Life Resort, Bandipur Safari Lodge, Nijaguna Residency, Dholes Den, and The Serai Bandipur are some of the popular hotels in Bandipurto choose from.

Author Bio: Anjali is a travel enthusiast and writes about hotels in Bandipur, one of the finest national parks in India. Ranging from budget hotels in Bandipur to luxury ones, there are various kinds of accommodation options available here.


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