What makes a hotel ‘5 star’?

Everyone would have a dream of staying at a five-star hotel to experience the luxuries of life or some would already have. But not all hotels which claim to be five-star are really five-star in every sense. The bases to classify a five-star hotel are the look and feel of the property, quality of service, personalization of services and high-end amenities. There are many luxury 5 star hotels in Bangalore where you can dream to live the luxurious. Read on to get more information on all the services and facilities that classify has a five-star hotel.


The look and feel of the property: The aura in a five-star hotel is luxurious and uplifting. The interiors are made of exquisite designs which appeal the eye. As soon as you enter into the lobby, you are welcomed by decorative and expensive furniture. The staff are friendly, supportive and have always a pleasant smile on their faces. You can enjoy facilities like a spa where you are pampered to the maximum; a gym with advanced technologies that to ensure a toned body; swimming pools where you can experience refreshing dips along with refreshing cold drinks. The guest rooms are designed keeping in mind your need to experience luxury at every moment of the day. This is ensured by superb and superior interiors; cleanliness 24*7 and technologies of the advanced kind.

Personalization of Service: People love it when anything is personalized. At a five-star hotel, the give a lot of importance to the personal experiences of the guests. They go to any lengths to make you feel that you are being catered to at every hour of the day. Once you step inside the hotel for, don’t be surprised to be greeted by your name at the receptionist’s desk. And throughout your stay it will be so by every member of the staff. Your choices will be noted down very diligently and at your next visit, they do remember and serve according to your likings.

High-end amenities: Five-star hotels are built to mesmerize the guests and what better than to situate one in an exotic or an exclusive location. They provide beautiful views of perhaps the beach, the forest, hills, and not to forget are even located in isolated picturesque islands away from civilization just so that guests find peace and solitude. They contain luxurious amenities like a jacuzzi, sauna, and heated pools to relax the soul. Rooms have large LED TVs, garden tubs, marble baths, and an in-room video library. There are also concierge, butler, turndown and housekeeping services. There are also hotels with multi-cuisine and poolside restaurants in Bangalore which along with other facilities make them a five-star hotel.

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